Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Our Dream, Our Passion

My husband and I have been involved in fitness our entire lives.  His passion was soccer he played throughout high school and played for Coe College here in Iowa.  That was back when I met him, we had so much in common and I am blessed that he chose to stay here in Iowa with me rather than going back to Oregon where he grew up.  My passion was track and volleyball and then I found weight training.

Throughout our life together he searched for a good fit but just couldn't find the right gym to train with.  He also worked for nutrition stores such as GNC and Complete Nutrition, great places just still not what he truly wanted to do.

A few years ago when he became the GM of Kosama, a gym that was brand new to us, we never could have imagined the path it would take us down.  Kosama is a group fitness gym that teaches kickboxing along with kettle bell and TRX strength training.  This style of training was new for both of us we were accustomed to the "standard" style of strength training in the gyms we belonged to.

Both of us fell in love with this new style of training, while keeping our standard strength training in the mix as well.  Kickboxing has become my favorite form of cardio, there is nothing like hitting and kicking a bag to some awesome music surrounded by amazing people who are all pushing each other to do their best.  We were so blessed that the owners saw such potential in Kyle and I working together, they could see we were both so passionate about fitness and offered us to take over.  One of our biggest dreams ever, that we never thought would be possible had been presented to us.

We were honestly scared but more excited than scared.  Kyle and I knew between the two of us we could create something truly amazing.  As time has gone on we've added our own personal touches to Kosama Cedar Rapids.  Kyle runs his own little camps that include K-Performance which is the personal training portion of our gym.  We work with athletes from soccer players to Spartan racers to figure competitors and more.  

Watching people transform themselves and learn to live a healthier lifestyle while having fun and not being crazy restricted when it comes to food is indescribable.  We believe in eating to live, you can eat your favorite foods and still meet your fitness goals.  The nutrition side is my own personal passion, I love creating meal plans and am working towards educating myself more because you can never know enough about nutrition!  Our community of trainers/coaches, members and clients is a close community.  Every single person supports one another, we cheer each other on at races, games and in the gym.

I am blessed, we are blessed.  The video below was made by our dear friends Arsalan and Krystal Monawar who own Monawar Studios.  Their incredible talent and vision created this amazing short video showing snippets of all we do.  We made this almost two years ago, much has changed since then but this still gives me chills and makes me so proud my heart could burst.

KOSAMA | #WeAreKosamaCR from Monawar Studios on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Heavy Lifting

Let's talk goals, what are your goals for 2018?  Goals are so important, in all facets of life.  For me personally on my fitness journey it helps to hold myself accountable and when you hit those goals, whether they are big or small, it feels AMAZING!!!!  The importance of having a plan while you work towards your goals, surrounding yourself with people who support you and having qualified guidance is key.

I have the best tribe surrounding me from my family, especially my husband and coach, my friends, gym besties they all support me even if their idea of fitness is different from mine.  So far I am signed up for two races which means I better get my butt back to running again soon!  Lunch hour runs keep being pushed off thanks to mother nature, if I had better gear I would get out in the cold.  I will get there though, the races are obstacle races and the idea is to just have fun :)

Building some muscle is my main goal so that this summer I can begin my cut for a fall figure competition.  My coach has created a great plan for me, the best part about our partnership other than he is one of the most informative, knowledgeable and inspiring human beings I know, well husband is what I like to call him most ;)  He plans my training and after training together for more than 15 years he truly knows what works for me best.  Then I get my calories and macro count from him and create my own meal plans.  Currently I am getting in higher amounts of protein and then equal amounts of carbs and fat.  

We are working hard to find our balance between running our gym, myself working my full-time job and enjoying our life with our beautiful daughter.  It can be so HARD sometimes, there are many days when I feel as though I am failing in one aspect or even all of them.  We are working hard because we really are living a dream and we know just how fortunate we are.

During my training so far I have been going for deadlift PR's on Saturday's.  "End" goal for me is 300# I was pleasantly surprised two Saturdays ago when I pulled 220#.  It didn't necessarily feel easy but it also wasn't so hard that I felt shaky during the lift.  Next time I know I will be pulling more.  Deadlifting is such a great exercise when done properly, you engage so many muscle groups!

As we've been going through so many changes (with more to come) a lot of wonderful people have come into our life.  When I make those heavy lifts I have one the greatest training partners pushing me along with Kyle.  Her name is Traci and we met just six months ago, she had an interest in competing and decided to have Kyle coach her and to train with me.  It is amazing how common goals can bring people so close in a very short amount of time.

Two and a half years ago I wrote a blog about lifting buddies and it seems so fitting.  It has taken me that long to find someone with the same drive, goals and lifting attitude as myself.  

I am blessed, so very blessed.  Not blessed because of luck but blessed because we have worked HARD to get to where we are and we couldn't do it without those who support us.  Just as you must work hard to achieve any fitness goal you must do the same in life.  Keep your supporters close and if you are like me LIFT HEAVY!