Monday, April 27, 2015

Sand Season Has Begun!

Sand volleyball season has begun!  We are die hard players at Volley's starting the season the last weekend of April and playing until the last weekend of September.  In Iowa that means we could be starting in 30 degree weather with sleet or ending that way.

Last night the weather was PERFECT!  It was in the 60's, sunny with a slight breeze and we were ready to play.

I play double's at 5pm with my good friend Chris.  We have been friends since middle school and have played volleyball together off and on for about 17 years (wow that sounds insane and not even possible to be true), we have been doubles partners for 4 years.  We have a four's team that plays at 6pm, we've got one of my little sisters and her husband's cousin who play with us.

We were just all so excited for the awesome weather yesterday, last year it was in the upper 30's with sleet/rain, awful.

It was a bit rough starting off, the transition from indoor to outdoor takes just a little bit.  It is so much easier to get some height off of a gym floor versus the sand.  Chris was jumping a bit too early but still getting his hits.  It took me a few times to feel comfortable jumping and hitting but I go there.

We won all of our games, it feels good to start off the season 6-0!  Hopefully we keep it up and continue to improve.

My running has been minimal, I've been having a lot of abdominal issues and I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow.  I feel like I've strained my abs, after a run they are extremely sore (actually they are constantly sore) and very swollen.  My half marathon is in a month so I am very anxious to figure out what is going on and hoping we can come up with something so I can continue to run and still run the half marathon!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Half Marathon Training Progress

My next event is the Dam to Dam half marathon in Des Moines, IA.  This race is considered Iowa's distance classic, last year was the first year they made it an actual half marathon.  In the years prior it was just short of a full half marathon.

Last year was also the first year I ran that race and I feel in love.  The start is at Saylorville dam ending at Center Street Dam.  I loved the route, starting off outside of town, running through Des Moines on the streets and some trails with a fantastic finish.

I've always loved races, the atmosphere, excitement and now that I actually run half marathons accomplishing that distance, all of it together is such an awesome experience.  My goal is always to run a better race, get a faster time and learn more about myself each time.

Yesterday I did a long run, six miles.  Life has been a bit hectic the past couple of weeks and I broke a cardinal rule, I skipped a couple of long runs.  I know that those runs are crucial, especially for myself.  My body needs to get used to the longer runs, so I was a little concerned about yesterdays run.

One of my favorite supplements from Complete Nutrition is 3plenish, it seriously has made a huge difference for me when it comes to endurance.  The electrolyte blend, modified release carb complex and blend of amino acids is unlike any product out there and it is all combined into ONE product.  I love both flavors and it honestly isn't a super expensive supplement.  I used to rely on Gaterade or Powerade along with energy gels, but I prefer the 3plenish by far, it has half the sugar that Gaterade has.  I do still need the energy gel along with it.  My body just processes everything so quickly, I can feel when I am giving out but making sure I take a couple of drinks after every song I listen to and having an energy gel every 3 miles, I can make it.

My goal yesterday was to run 10 minute miles, I came in just under that with 9:57 minute miles.  For me that is pretty darn good, I am not a "fast" distance runner.  Occasionally I start to freak myself out a bit on hills and I usually get a little bit anxious when I see the end in site, all I do is focus on breathing and count.

The only bad part of my run was that I started with the wind at my back and the last half was all into the wind, but I did it!  I was so proud of myself for running it after a heavy leg day on Saturday lifting 19,505 pounds :) I ended my Sunday playing indoor volleyball, we won 2 out of 3 games, all in all it was an awesome Sunday!