Tuesday, November 10, 2015

KettleGuard Review

I was so excited to receive my KettleGuards in the mail along with Grip Power Pad Lifting Straps.  My husband put me through a great kettle bell workout to really see how the KettleGuards worked.

Lifting with kettle bells is new for me, I normally get nervous when I have any movement where the kettle bell flips over and hits my forearm and wrist.  I felt more confident with the guards, the kettle bells bounced right off of them and they were really comfortable.  I even had more stabilization in my wrists using them.  They are soft and machine washable, these are something I highly recommend for anyone who lifts using kettle bells.

We did a little video, I know my form is not perfect but you can see how the guards protect my wrists.  Also I never look at my husband when he is training me, I focus on one spot and keep my focus there.  You don't know how annoyed I get when he at times moves right in front of my focal point, it completely throws me off ;)

I am thoroughly enjoying the change lifting with kettle bells.  My body feels an entirely different type of sore after these workouts and the fast pace really keeps my heart rate up.  I can't wait to see the different changes that adding these workouts in will bring to my body as I prepare for my competition!