Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Not Missing

I'm still here, playing sand volleyball on Sundays and making myself painfully get through runs.  I now have Iliotibial band syndrome pretty badly on my left side, the right side isn't as bad but it has started.

It is just my luck, as I get into great running shape, run a half marathon that about kills me and now I have this.  Sadly there isn't anything you can do for it, so I'm still training for the Run the Flood race here in Cedar Rapids, it is a 7 mile race and is June 9th.  I'll suffer through the training and the ice massages, ick, I've always hated those.  They do help though, poor Kyle having to give me ice massages after every run and having to massage my hips and butt ;)

Once the race is over I will be taking a break from running, thankfully there are a ton of other cardio options for me, including the P90X cardio.  I haven't "officially" began my weight training for the body fitness show but hopefully that will begin next week, woo hoo!