Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We Own A Gym!

Hard work, perseverance, dedication, sweat, uncomfortable situations, hard conversations, humbleness and even more hard work led to my husband and I accomplishing a massive dream, we took over ownership of the gym my husband was the GM for!

Kyle started as the GM for Kosama Cedar Rapids 2.5 years ago.  He worked his butt off to take a gym that was struggling and turn it into a huge success.  The owners, who happen to be two of the best human beings ever, saw his drive, work ethic, success and decided to offer ownership of the gym to us.  It didn't take Kyle and I very long to say YES!

We knew we were taking a huge step, one that honestly I didn't think would ever be possible.  Kyle's dream has always been to own a gym and after years of working in various areas of the fitness industry it is still surreal to say that we do in fact own a very successful gym.  I am still working full-time for the Teamsters Union where I have been for 16 years in October.  My job has allowed Kyle a lot of flexibility over the years to move around jobs trying to find the right fit.  Without Teamsters Local 238 our family would not be in the position we are, now I just spend more of my free time at the gym :)

Our daughter Bella was over the moon when she found out.  She loves working out there, she is proud of her dad and I, we have taught her that hard work really does pay off as long as you are honest, humble and grateful for every experience that gets you to your dream.

Kosama is a group fitness gym we work with kettle bells, kickboxing, TRX, plyo boxes, battle ropes, big tires, the list goes on and on.  Our K-Performance program trains athletes from all walks of life.  We work with high school athletes to college athletes to adult athletes, all walks of life wanting that extra push.  Kyle's passion for fitness is felt throughout our gym which has become a fitness family.  Our trainers are phenomenal, they listen to plans, share their unique ideas and thankfully we all work well together.  Now we haven't gone without some bumps and bruises we did have a terrible experience with someone we had complete trust and confidence in, that person ended up stealing and deleting client lists (thank goodness for surveillance cameras) acted out at Kyle during his final two weeks and made things so painful.  I have never felt so betrayed in my entire life, we learned a big lesson from that situation.  Our trainers also learned from that experience, the shock from the actions taken, the arrogant attitude, the complete disrepect and they stood behind us through it all.

We have thankfully moved forward and are thriving, having that negativity gone has made such a huge difference.  I am so proud of our gym, what we represent and I cannot express enough how awesome it is to go to a class full of wonderful people who are happy to be there and excited for the days challenge.

Kosama Cedar Rapids is our home away from home and our members are our family.  From mud runs to races to our own Kosama games and coming up a Kosama strength competition, we've always got fun challenges planned!

I haven't blogged in a long time and now seems like the time to start up again.  Currently I am training to compete again next spring and will be training with one of our members through our K-Performance program.  We are excited and looking forward to this big adventure, I truly can't wait to be up on stage again!