Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nothing New

My doctor appointment went as expected today, nothing new really.  The doctor was very nice and is going to have me try a new medication.

They did an EKG, everything looked great, I've lost 10 pounds since I was there in July, blood pressure and pulse were good.  THANKFULLY there is no need for another tilt table test, that was how they diagnosed me with syncope back when I was 18 years old.  The medication I will be on should help to keep my blood pressure a little bit higher.

Continue working out, running is great for my heart, drink lots of water and gaterade, eat a lot of salt and get plenty of sleep.  I like the sleep part, I feel like I sleep a lot and yet there are days where I feel just exhausted all the time, apparently that is normal for me.  I was happy to let Kyle know that my sleeping in on the weekends is required for my health ;)

Today I finally feel "normal", it took me four days to recover from that damn fainting spell, again apparently that is about how long it should take.  I should outgrow this condition, but the new doctor is thinking that since I've had recent fainting spells I probably wouldn't outgrow it for another 10 - 15 years.

At least I have severe symptoms before I faint, that way I can always make sure I'm at least close to the ground before I hit it :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Can Say This.....

First off I'm posting this on my workout blog because this issue is affecting my working out, no run tonight!

I fainted in the bathroom stall of a restaurant and no it was not due to a high consumption of alcohol!

Seriously, so, so embarrassing, I mean thankfully, THANKFULLY no one came in to see my super cute shoes sticking out from under the bathroom stall door.  I'm sure an ambulance would have been called and me explaining my sycope and how it is "normal" for me, would have turned into a visit to the ER and made the night even worse.

Saturday night I went to dinner for my cousin Stacy's birthday.  We went to a restaurant I've been to before, I ordered the same thing I had last time and yes I had a margarita, but these margaritas are much tamer than the ones I had two weeks ago for David's birthday.

After I ate my delicious chimichangas my tummy was feeling upset.  I headed for the restroom, everything was fine, got back to the table and sat down.  Started feeling worse, back to the restroom, I'm sorry this could be TMI but, well I had to hurry the hell up because I started sweating profusely, feeling nauseous and knew I was going to faint.  I got my pants pulled up just in time and woke up on the floor of the stall in a puddle of sweat.

Now it is awful when I wake from a fainting spell, I feel like I just ran a marathon or something, I feel like I'm going to throw up and I really have no energy.  I got myself cleaned up, headed back to the table and everyone looked at me in shock.  I just told them all that Larry (my little brother) had to take me home because I fainted.  Everyone was freaking out, telling me that I looked white as a ghost and was still sweating.

My wonderful brother took me home and I missed out on celebrating Stacy :(  Sunday I slept literally the entire day, but I did get up to play volleyball at 6pm, it was the last night of sand volleyball and I just couldn't miss it.

Kyle hounded me like crazy about calling my cardiologist, yes the man that tells me I will outgrow the syncope.  I decided to just call him and he could mark it on my chart that I had the fainting spell.  Lisa (my nurse there) was awesome and took it all down.  Then she called me yesterday and I will be seeing a specialist on Thursday morning.  I guess my cardiologist is tired of telling me I will outgrow this and thinks it needs to be checked out further.

So no running this week until I feel 100% better, I really wanted to run tonight but even sitting at my desk I feel light headed.  No run equals tackling the living room with my crazy, wipe everything down cleaning, that should burn some calories :)