Monday, April 28, 2014

Volleyball Insanity

Last night was the first night of sand volleyball.  I was so, so excited to start playing again!

The weather DID NOT cooperate.  It was beautiful on Friday and Saturday, then the storms came.  I play doubles at five and four's at six, at 4:30 the tornado sirens were going off.  Bella was so worried and didn't want me to go to volleyball, but when you play at Volley's it is seriously hardcore and they don't cancel.  I'm sure if there was actually a tornado in Cedar Rapids heading straight for them then they would, but other than that they are open.

I got there and it was pouring down rain.  I wore a long pair of running tights, a dry fit tank top with a dry fit long sleeve shirt over it.  Like dry fit even mattered, lol :)

We won all three of our doubles games, the best start to the season!  Chris commented on how much faster I am this year, I told him I am in awesome shape and that this will be our best season yet!  When doubles was over we were soaked to the bone and it was getting colder.

I was not looking forward to four's, into the first game it had started sleeting.  We did play all three games, lost one, but at least won the other two.  I wanted to take a picture afterwards but my hands were frozen and I wasn't even sure how I was going to be able to drive home.

I had towels in my car, wrapped my feet up, blasted the heat and just sat in my car for a while.  I called Kyle, who was just baffled that we actually played for two hours in that weather, told him to have a hot shower ready for me and that I was going to need help showering and getting out of my clothes.

I couldn't feel my feet, could barely feel my fingers but safely made it home.  I headed straight for the shower fully clothed, my clothes were covered in sand and they needed a rinse before I could even take them off.  Kyle had to help me, it was so sad, I've never been so frozen to the bone like I was.

After getting all of the sand rinsed off he even put the plug in the bathtub so my feet would be in warm water, they were so cold that they just made that water cold.  I showered for a very long time in that hot water.

Then it was time for some Emergen C, hot tea, soup and bed.

What a crazy start to the season, but we started it off well and hopefully we won't have another night like that one!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two Weeks!

I can't believe that just two weeks from today I will have already enjoyed some Krispie Cream donuts and will be getting ready to devour some of my favorite foods before volleyball!

In two weeks I will have accomplished my second figure competition with loads more confidence, a better package being brought to the stage and a different sense of pride in myself.

These last couple of weeks have been really tough with my half marathon training.  The long runs while eating such low calories have been tough.  Yesterday I ran 9 miles at 9:18 per mile, I was so happy with myself!  I have a huge blister on the bottom of my right foot, that made posing a tad more difficult today.

My workouts are still intense and they sometimes bring me to tears.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this sport is not for the weary, it is anything but easy.  You really have to WANT this to do it, to some it seems ridiculous and foolish.  It is not in any way either of those things, it just happens to be one of the most difficult sports out there.

Mentally I am in a better place this time around.  Circumstances have been tricky, Kyle starts a new job tomorrow and finding after school care for Bella at such short notice has been difficult.  Thankfully I have amazing friends and family who are able to help until she begins her summer camp.  The support we have through this for our family and for myself is still so overwhelming and greatly, greatly appreciated.  I can't believe how lucky we are to have such amazing people around us.

No one thinks I'm crazy for what I am doing, instead everyone is so proud and extremely supportive.  My emotions are kind of all over the place, but that is just who I am.  The tears I sometimes have at the end of my workouts are tears of pride, I still can't believe all that I have accomplished. It has been a crazy six months and I can honestly say that I am more than ready for the stage May 10th!!!!  The best part will be sharing the experience this time with Carley, how lucky am I to have my own niece doing this with me???  We are going to have a BLAST!!!

Current weight is 136 and body fat is 10%.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Feeling AH-MAZING!!!

It is insane what a good nights sleep can do for you!  I was bound and determined to sleep well last night, took some ibuprofen for my sore right knee, drank some nighty night tea, had some sleep aid and I actually slept, YAY!

I was tired anyways after a kick ass elliptical HIIT workout on my lunch hour yesterday.  It was more intense than usual, all because I forgot my shoes!  Seriously, I have no idea why I even took them out of my bag, you can imagine my shock when I realized I didn't have them.  I didn't let that stop me though, my feet were a bit sore afterwards.

I decided I needed to rest last night and not lift.  I've basically been lifting each body part twice a week at this point.  I knew that tonight I would be lifting arms, tomorrow will be chest and back AND a 9 mile run, then Sunday will be shoulders and finally SAND VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!  Playing doubles and four's again, to say I'm excited for opening weekend is an understatement.

I woke up this morning feeling like a new woman.  I feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on these last two weeks.  This is when the big changes really start happening, my abs are really making their appearance and my quads are getting some new cuts in them.

I haven't done the best on my posing practice, I know that is horrible but it is true, this weekend it's time to put on the suit and practice, practice, practice!

Currently I am at 136 pounds, we will do my bodyfat on Sunday to see where I've ended up.  We have a new plan in place for my peak week.  I will slightly increase my carbs in the beginning of the week and taper them off towards the end.  I will not be cutting water or sodium, my body just seems to respond best to all of this.  

I'm happy that I get to try out the small carb increase this weekend and see how I do with it and then taper off starting Monday.

I just can't believe it TWO WEEKS!!!!!  No matter what I am truly proud of myself for all of the improvements I have made, trophy or no trophy I win because of the growth and improvements I've made.  Not only improvements with my body but the growth within myself, that is what is the most important.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leg Day Insanity

My workouts have become very fast paced and I am pushing myself to my limits every time. I WILL be leaner for this competition, I WILL have more definition and I WILL have more muscle!

On my lunch hour I ran three miles, I began running outside in March.  I love the training schedule I'm using because there are tempo runs, hill sprints and sprint intervals along with the long runs.  I decided to keep my pace under 9 minute miles today and I did, 8:25 minute miles, woo hoo!

That was my first workout, then.....

Kyle really pushed me through a tough, intense, fast paced leg workout at the gym.  It is funny when we arrive, one of the trainers jokes with us that they better clear out so we can bust through my workouts.  It is all in fun and some of the guys there have let me know that they could never do the workouts I do, I've become one tough ass chick ;)

I started off with 25 body weight squats, then 30 split jumps, repeat once.  Next was Bulgarian split squats holding 20 pound dumbbells, 12 each leg, rest and repeat, rest and drop the weights then do 12 more on each leg.  At this point my legs and glutes were screaming!!!  Up next was suitcase squats, holding a 20 pound barbell in hand and doing 15 squats, switch to the other hand did 15 more, repeat twice.  Next up was lunges holding 15 pound dumbbells for a total of 30, repeat, drop the weight and do 30 more.  The final exercise was the leg press machine, drop sets. I started with 140 pounds at 12 reps, once we got down to 70 pounds each rep became a multiple pause rep.  I would press out, Kyle would slowly count to the three while I let my legs come back then it was a small press out and hold, a little further press out and hold until I got to the full extension.  I'm not sure how many we did, I went into my own world at this point.  I knew I could do it and mentally I had to check out, my mental place of euphoria would be Alice in Wonderland, chilling with the Mad Hatter.  

I understand at this point that I may sound like a crazy person, but it helps me and I after all that I then did 15 more full reps.  I got off of that machine with my legs shaking and made Kyle drive home because I was afraid my leg would cramp up pushing on the gas and break pedal.  Now that is how you know you had a KILLER leg workout!

When we got home I had my protein shake and rice cake, put on my heels and did some posing.  I shook like a leaf the entire time but I did it, Kyle couldn't help but giggle because I reminded him of something silly that shakes, I have no idea what he was talking about.

I ended my evening soaking in a lavender Epsom salt bath, it was heavenly. One thing is for sure I am giving my everything in this prep, I am so extremely proud of myself and my progress.  With the nutrition changes, already switched to high protein, low carb and low fat, the changes are insane.  Still drinking a LOT of water, keeping sodium in and feeling phenomenal.  Am I a bit tired?  Hell yes.  I am grateful for delicious Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffin coffee and Archer Farms double chocolate coffee during the day.  Sleeping has been difficult but thanks to some nighttime tea I think it will get better.

2.5 weeks to go, I'm giving it my all and can't wait to step on that stage on May 10th!

Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Weeks

It is truly CRUNCH time!!!!!

As of right now I am weighing in at 138 pounds, just 7 pounds away from my weight at the last competition.  I lost 9 pounds during peak week last time, hoping that doesn't happen this time around!  I would be so happy to be right at 130.

I am shrinking, this is the crazy point, I really do feel like the incredibly shrinking woman.  Mentally it is messing with me a bit, I know I'm not losing muscle, just body fat but it does make you smaller all around.  I keep having to flex and make sure the muscle and definition is there, lol :)

I am going to be completely honest, training for the competition AND the half marathon is quite an undertaking.  I'm getting all of my runs in, during the long runs I start losing my legs about 6 miles in.  Yesterday my calves were cramping up like crazy but I did it, 8 miles and got down to 9:14 per mile.  I'm not striving for a super fast time, but I would love to be under two hours for the half marathon.

I've found that having lots of goo and plenty of BCAA's helps a lot, yesterday I did not take enough with me.  My little belt I wear holds four small water bottles, I only took two for some reason, from here on out I will have all four with me on my long runs.

This week is the final calorie cut, 1200.  Kyle is being AMAZING, making sure he or David is with me for my workouts to help push me through and he doesn't mind if I am in bed by 8pm.  Sadly I really need all that sleep, especially now that I will be doing my runs in the morning and lifting after work.

Bella is also being just phenomenal.  Yesterday when it was time to leave my sisters house after the Easter party Bella didn't want to leave at first.  I told her I was sorry but it was late and I still had to go to the gym (because I did my 8 mile run in the morning before the Easter celebration).  When I told her that she said, oh yeah mommy you do still have to lift.  Then she went to tell everyone goodbye and we were off.

As I typed that it sounded horrible, making us leave the Easter fun so I could lift, but we enjoyed ourselves for a few hours with everyone.  This is the time when some guilt hits me because I can't skip workouts or my long runs, but I know I have my family behind me 110% and they are proud of me and my discipline.

I was thrilled last night after my arm workout, I did go by myself because Kyle went to the store to get our food for the week.  I did 240 curls and 300 tricep extensions, man I was pumped up afterwards!  You know what?  That damn sneaky vein was out and it stayed out afterwards, you know I had to get a picture of it :)

Kind of hard to see, but it's there!

My sister got an awesome weight machine, so I had to try it out yesterday and Kyle snapped this photo to prove I'm not losing definition.  Just wait until my body fat is even lower and there will be more muscle definition, YES!!!! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feeling Rejuvenated

Last night I listened to my trainer, I iced my abs off and on all night, I got plenty of rest and I woke up feeling better.   Not completely better when it comes to my abs, but they are less swollen and not as sore to touch.

Today I am just doing a good leg workout on my lunch hour and not going for a run.  Tomorrow I will do the step mill and get back to running on Thursday!

Really, really can't believe there are just 3.5 weeks to go, that is INSANE!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Abdominal Strain and Discontinued Protein!

Saturday I lifted chest and back and also did a killer ab workout.  Tried to do some posing but I had zero energy, was being a crab and we called it a day.  My energy level is very low at this point, my lifts are difficult and there were some tears Saturday.  Poor Kyle and David, I am the luckiest woman in the world to have these two men by my side, supporting me no matter what craziness I unleash on them.

I am choosing to do this, this is MY journey.  Towards the end is when it really gets HARD, physically, mentally, emotionally, I've learned it is ok to have a day where you just feel burned out.  That was what happened to me this weekend, I also found out that one of my Aunts on my dad's side of the family passed away on Friday.  She had cancer in the lining of her stomach, we knew her time was coming but it is still really hard.  My emotions were pretty much out of control all weekend.

Saturday as we got to the end of the workout Kyle had us end with three exercises all super set.  Cable flyes to incline push ups to reverse grip low barbell row.  After the final set of barbell rows Kyle stripped the weight and had me do more until muscle fatigue.

I have never had a moment where I was going to cry in the gym.  At that moment when I hit my 15th rep, I was DONE.  There were some tears, frustrated tears with feeling weak that day, feeling pissed off because cancer took my Aunt, feeling pissed off for allowing myself to feel so defeated in that moment.

When we headed to the exercise room for posing I knew before I even put my shoes on it would not be a good session.  I do know how to say enough is enough when I really need to.  I got through one rotation of mandatory poses, looked at Kyle and said I was DONE.  He agreed and we went home.

I'm not posting this for sympathy, honest is something I fully intend on being during this journey and always.  It's not all sunshine and roses, this is intense, hardcore work and yes it does weigh on you mentally and emotionally, I don't know how it possibly couldn't.  But do know that you wake up the next morning, strong and ready for the new day.

Sunday I did feel better, I lifted shoulders waited a couple of hours and then ran 7 miles.  Of course it was a complete downpour the entire day Sunday.  I drove to a trail thinking that would be best, I sat in my car contemplating the run in the stupid rain.  I wanted to just drive home, I really did.  I texted Kyle and he said running in the rain is fun when it isn't too crazy.  So instead of driving home I got out of my car and I ran.

It was nice for a little bit, but then some of the rain became sleet and that does not feel good on your face.  I realized I need a hat to wear when I run on rainy days, so my face stays a bit drier!  At one point I had to turn around on the trail a bit early because it was flooded.  But I ran over a minute faster per mile than I did on my last long run so that was good :)

When I got home I took a nice hot bath and enjoyed some blueberry coffee.  Afterwards when I began my food prep for the week my tummy bumped the counter and it hurt!  First of all, my tummy shouldn't be sticking out to bump the counter and it certainly shouldn't hurt to touch.  I expected to see bruises all across it, but no bruises just a very distended stomach, EECK!!!!!

I immediately yelled for Kyle and he was baffled.  I looked like I was pregnant, my abs were so swollen it was crazy!  I iced it and took ibuprofen then laid down for the night.

This morning they are still swollen, not as much at least and very tender to the touch.  It is not gas, I so wish it was though!  I talked to a friend that is a sports therapist and she is certain that it is a level II abdomen strain.  I probably haven't torn anything but I aggravated the shit of my abs!!!!  She recommended a 2-3 week rest, I told her no way was that going to happen.  At least she understands my circumstance and made me promise to rest today, so I'm making good on my promise :)

I just have to ice my abs on this rest day and am hopeful they are more back to normal tomorrow.  Please send me some good vibes, I will push through and my abs better cooperate.  I've been working my butt off for May and I will continue to work hard!

I almost forgot about a very important part of this post, my new protein that I love has been discontinued!  WTF?!?  Seriously, so, so frustrating.  Now to try to find a new one that I really like.  I still have the ass tasting Isopure at home, I'm going to just have to choke that crap down.  At least after the competition I can add some Nesquik to it.

I did get some good recommendations from people on and will be trying something brand new after the competition :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

And So It Begins....

The hunger, oh the hunger.

I'm down to 1400 calories a day, that isn't too insane and I won't go below 1200 in this cut, but dang it is noticeable.

Last week I was sick so the peak week trial run wasn't too bad in terms of hunger.  Now it's like all of my hunger came back and then some.

The hardest part of this journey has begun.  At breakfast I am satisfied, but then I get hungry quickly and for the rest of the day I really never get "full" from any of my meals.  The veggies do fill me up for lunch and dinner but the hunger comes back quickly.

If you follow me on Pinterest you might find that I pin a LOT of food stuff.  The dangerous world of food porn, drooling over things I can't have right now but they look like the best thing ever to me at this time!  I HAVE to pin the recipes so I can make them at some point, you know in the couple of days I give myself after the competition, yeah right.  It does make me feel good to know I have them saved though, I'm a sick, sick person ;)

My energy level is pretty low.  Last night I really struggled on my arm workout, I'm sure doing the hill sprints on my lunch hour before I lifted helped drain my energy, but still it was tough.  Tonight should be another leg workout, I'm sitting here debating on doing that or doing yoga.  Either way it will be a decent workout and I keep saying I need to add in yoga, I have been horrible about stretching.


Four weeks to go, the toughest part of prep.  Gotta dip deep, focus on my goal and stay strong!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hill Sprint Hell

That's right, I said it.  I like challenging my body, I really do.  Lately I've began to feel like an "athlete" again.  It has been almost 15 months since I truly began this journey.  I'm stronger and able to push myself more when it comes to cardio.

Competition training along with half marathon training make me feel empowered.  I can lift some damn heavy weights and I can run a decent distance, sand volleyball will be starting in just two and a half weeks as well.  I told Kyle at that point, in my own head, I am an athlete.  He let me know that before volleyball even starts, I am an athlete :)

Hill sprints are important when it comes to conditioning and it does wonders for the glute/hamstring tie in.  That is the toughest area for most people to tone up, myself included.

I haven't been doing many hill sprints yet, I plan on keeping them on my agenda once a week from here on out.  Well maybe I will cut them out once we hit negative temperatures and get snow and ice, but that is a LONG way off!

Today I did a good jog, jumping jacks, squats, high knees, knee tucks and got really warmed up.  I stood at the bottom of the hill ready to attack it!  The focus was really on my form, staying on the balls of my feet through the sprint, pumping my arms and lifting my knees.

HOLY.....SHIT.  I did a total of eight hill sprints.  It was crazy windy, a bit chillier than I thought it would be, it was TOUGH.  I planned on doing 20 second sprints, this doesn't even get me all the way up the hill I use, which is fine.  Jogged slowly back down it and ran in place between sprints.  You would think it wouldn't be that tough, oh but it is.  

Tonight I have to lift arms after work.  I am thrilled when I lift upper body, my right bicep has a serious vein sticking out.  That sucker hides away when I am done but I've never had it be so noticeable.  Soon, very soon that vein will be permanently protruding and I will proudly show it off ;)

My Dream Flavor of Protein

I drink a LOT of protein.  I usually stick with a vanilla flavor or chocolate.  Vanilla I use to bake with, makes some yummy pancakes, waffles and so much more.  I usually have chocolate in my shake after workouts, reminiscent of my track days when I would guzzle chocolate milk after practice.  Chocolate also works well for brownies, mug cake, pancakes and more.

Obviously I've been in prep long enough that I'm starting to daydream about baked goods ;)

Anyway, Optimum Nutrition is having a contest for a new flavor of protein.  I really had to think about it, what would be a delicious flavor that isn't already out there?  Something that would make me want to buy that product knowing they will nail the flavor.

BAVARIAN CREAM DONUT!!!!  Can you imagine how delicious that would be???  I love donuts, I rarely get to eat donuts, but when I do you can bet I am going to have a Bavarian cream donut!

Oh man, I know this fact but it just smacked me in the face, we are staying at my brother's house in Des Moines for the competition.  He just so happens to live less than a block away from Krispy Kreme......YES ;)  Alright dad, you know you are going to have to make sure to do a donut run for us Sunday morning, which also happens to be Mother's Day.  I can't wait to pick out my yummy food for that glorious food day!

Don't worry I have a plan set, Sunday will be my only "free" day for food, back on track the Monday after.  I do have to bump up my carbs right away due to my half marathon training, oh darn ;)

Ok, back on track now.  Bavarian cream donut protein, can you imagine????


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Legs & A Tempo Run

I had my day all planned out yesterday, got my gym bag all packed up so I could do my tempo run on my lunch hour and then planned to lift legs after work.

When it came time for my lunch hour yesterday I reached for my bag and it wasn't there.  WHAT?!?  Yep, packed it up and left it at home in the kitchen :(

It was a sad realization to know I would then have to lift legs after work and do my tempo run right after that.  I really like to separate my lifting and cardio on leg day!

I pushed through a very hard leg workout, well Kyle pushed me through, he kept me at a quicker pace.  I had to go down in weight on my deadlifts and back squats, not a whole lot at least.  I can feel my body losing some of its strength with the lower calories.  This is the time when I stop trying to increase the weight in any of my lifts, there will be time for that after the competition :)

I was struggling with the idea of a tempo run after that hard lift.  Kyle told me to just go out and do it right after the lift and wait to have my protein shake and rice cake after the run.

I was hungry, my legs were tired but I did it.  Three miles, first mile slow, second mile faster, third mile was a bit slower than the second mile.  I felt pretty good, although it was cooler and windier than I thought, my lungs were burning a bit at the end!

My definition is really coming out, I'm losing more body fat, I can see the changes.  This morning I was happily surprised to find that the jeans I bought to wear the night after the October competition fit me right now, yay!  I am 10 pounds heavier than I was then and yet they fit, that proves to me that I definitely gained muscle these past few months :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Weeks - Weekend of Learning

Just five weeks left to go, it is crunch time.  I have five weeks to lose about 4% body fat, there will be no more muscle growth and my measurements will continue to get smaller, at least they should.

Last week was a rough one, at the end after carb loading on Friday I woke up Saturday with little definition.  I was bummed, had hardly any energy and honestly just wanted to cry.

Instead of sitting on my butt and crying Kyle and I headed to the gym.  It was a TOUGH workout.  I was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.  Amazing how much this can take out of you when you have a big moment of frustration.  Seeing myself at they gym in the mirrors frustrated me, sure I got more pumped once I began lifting but what happened????

Kyle pushed me through the workout, I went down in weight on almost everything but I did do clapping push ups on the ground rather than at an angle off of a bench, so there was some progress :)

I certainly am not the "cookie cutter" type of competitor, I have a very strange body, which we knew.  In the end we've decided that I can't carb load, I was so very defined Thursday night after minimal carbs Sunday-Wednesday and no carbs on Thursday.  Running on minimal carbs for competitions here on out is going to be tough, but really that final week is tough regardless even with carb loading at the end.  From Friday afternoon through Saturday evening everything is somewhat of a blur.  I will get minimal sleep that Friday night and will be running off of adrenaline all day Saturday.

Granted I won't be continuing my normal workouts during the real peak week and that will help energy wise.  We did the water cutting and that didn't seem to do much for me either, so I should be able to keep more water in and that should help a little bit with my energy level.

Saturday afternoon I had my posing session with Dawn.  She teaches hot yoga at a studio here and that was where we did the practice.  OH MY, it was HOT in that room and I looked like I was showering there was so much sweat pouring off of me.  Dawn taught me a LOT.  She gave me such great encouragement and advice.  I found out that she also can not carb load before competitions, how funny is that?  It was so nice to talk to her about the nutrition and know that I am on the right path, it just takes time to figure yourself out and get the right combination of carbs/protein/fat down.  I had considered getting a nutrition coach but as Dawn said, they would need time to get to know me and body type anyway so it really wouldn't be super beneficial right now.  I'm not doing badly with my nutrition planning, it just takes a lot of time and can be so tricky.  I am going to lower my initial carb intake except for the days of my long runs, on those days I will keep the carbs higher.

From Dawn I learned how to really "pop" my butt.  Oh man, my lower back is really feeling it today from Saturday and yesterday, that means I'm doing it right :)  She was not afraid to come up behind me and push my hips forward, it is insane the difference in my poses.  I had thought my back pose was my worst, but nope, she said my back is nice and wide and on that pose I can take some moments to get good breaths in while I'm not facing the judges.  My side pose is so hard, I twist to the left way better than to the right.  I'm beginning yoga at home to get more in tune with my body, get more flexible and it will help me to breath through the poses.  I was thrilled that I don't have any "smileys" under my butt cheeks, YAY!!!!

Dawn is amazing, I can't thank her enough for her help on Saturday, she is so uplifting and genuinely kind.  I have lots of homework to do before I see her again in Des Moines :)

Yesterday I lifted arms with David, I had a little more energy for my lifts which made me feel better.  I also had my long run yesterday, it was cloudy, 60 degrees and pretty windy but I ran 6 miles.  My pace was slow, my legs were so tight I couldn't possibly go any faster, 11:22 per mile.  It really was a nice, enjoyable run :)

Today I am feeling determined, happy to know my body a little better after this past week.  Ready to come up with some yummy recipes for my real peak week.  Last night I made some ground turkey with chopped up mushrooms, added in rice vinegar, chopped cilantro and shredded carrots at the end.  Weighed out my portions, one package of ground turkey makes enough for me to get three meals out of it.  I put the mixture for last nights dinner in two big lettuce leaves, wrapped them up and chowed down, it was so yummy!

David took some pictures yesterday while I did my posing so here we go:

The biggest change is definitely in my butt, my waist is already the size it was for the October competition.  I really think my waist will measure smaller this time around and that I might weigh a little more than I did in October, but that would be because of the muscle I've gained :)  We'll see, I am very happy with my progress and am looking forward to really cutting down the body fat.  In the final stretch!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Flex Friday...Even When I'm "Flat"

Yesterday was tough, we all know that, but I made it through.  I was kind of delusional, no energy and when I got home I had a temperature.  I truly hope and pray that in four weeks when I begin my real peak week that I have no cold and it isn't quite so difficult!

I can say that when I ate my oatmeal for breakfast this morning it was quite honestly heavenly!!!  Looking forward to this carb load today.  I am loading with oats, rice cakes and veggies.  Keeping it simple with foods my body is used to, until tonight that is.  Oh yes I get to eat a double cheeseburger and small slice of cheesecake along with a glass of red wine, I can't wait!!!  I should wake up tomorrow feeling very lean.

Last night I was standing in the kitchen, trying to force myself to eat some more food.  So strange with how I've been this week, I could barely eat 1,100 calories yesterday.  Anyway I'm standing there and Kyle tells me to stand still, flex and is taking pictures.  I'm like, why are taking pictures when I look so flat????  Then he showed me the pictures and I was like, WOW.  So much truth to the photos, you can see the muscle mass I've put on, I can not believe the difference in my back it is so much THICKER than it was in October!

The photos made me feel really good, I have shoulder caps, my tricep is extremely visible, my back, oh my back!  Really excited to see how I look in the morning :)

Happy flex Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Goal...???

I'm not sure if it is the low fat affecting my brain, I've had a lot of "deep" thoughts in regard to competing the past couple of days.  It is interesting that while I have these thoughts things pop up around me that just make sense.

When I first began this process all I knew was that I wanted to challenge myself.  I wanted to stand on that stage presenting all of my hard work and have fun doing it.  Training to compete would get me in the best shape of my life which would carry over to helping me improve for volleyball, running and just get myself in a better place health wise.

So I did that, I loved it and decided to continue competing.  Do I have some huge goal like earning my pro card, competing on the National level, trying to qualify for some BIG competitions?

I honestly don't know right now.  I am enjoying this so much, I truly am.  The changes in myself are huge, I'm not just talking changes in my body, just all around.  

I saw this post yesterday on Facebook from Brooke Erickson, an awesome page.  She is so honest, humble and simply amazing.

It's important for you to remind yourself of why you are on this journey. It's easy to get lost in the process... to get distracted by our own minds. Just remember- to the left of you, the right of you, in front of you, and behind you...there will always be someone that is stronger, faster, bigger, or leaner. But when you know you who you are and when you know your purpose...who they are and what they have... is irrelevant to you. 

It really hit home for me and made for an interesting conversation with Kyle.  I realize that I am perfectly happy to compete as an amateur, the pro card is not on my list of priorities.  I will continue to work hard, to grow in body, mind and spirit.  Enjoying this journey as long as I choose to be on it with the full support of Kyle and Bella, my family and friends, all my biggest cheerleaders.

To hear Kyle say how proud he is of me, to know that this has brought us closer, to know the positive influence this is having on Bella, it makes me smile and warms my heart.

I may not have some huge goal in mind or know how long this journey will last but I do know that it has changed me for the better.  


It is here, the dreaded no carb day.  It is rainy and cold, goes along with how I am feeling about this day!

My meals today go like this:

Breakfast: Ground turkey "pizza" (package of 99% lean ground turkey mixed with oregano, garlic powder and basil, spread on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes)

Snack: Can of tuna and egg whites

Lunch: Ground turkey pizza

Snack: Can of tuna and egg whites

Dinner: Ground turkey pizza

What a boring day of eating, I didn't get very creative for today, my brain hurt while I tried planning out my food so I took the easy route by eating the same thing most of the day.  I will plan ahead better for my actual peak week.  I doubled up the ground turkey for the pizza, used two packages and chopped up one red pepper to have on top.  Not enough veggie to worry about counting carbs, and I used some Walden Farms Alfredo sauce.  I put some spicy mustard in my tuna and will only use pepper in my egg whites today.  Not cutting out sodium entirely just not adding in any extra.  I am also going down to one gallon of water today.

My cold seems to be getting better, yay :)  I was going to do hill sprints today but have decided against it.  My energy level is LOW.  After doing a crazy HIIT session for lunch yesterday and lifting shoulders last night heading into this zero carb day I already felt tired and it would be a total waste to do the hill sprints.  

Kyle told me he can tell a difference in my body, I am looking "flatter" but yet more defined.  These are good things :)  Hopefully after I carb load tomorrow (have I mentioned how excited I am for tomorrow?!?) I will wake up Saturday morning with my muscles looking nice and full, with my skin shrink wrapped around them.

I am really looking forward to having energy again on Saturday :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easier This Time....

I must say this time around peak week is so much easier!  I'm not sure why, I have no cravings at all, sticking to my meal plans has been very easy.  Tomorrow is my actual no carb day, we'll see if I'm still feeling so happy then ;)

This cold I have is making things difficult.  I woke up with a monster migraine yesterday and stayed home.  I slept most of the day and evening which meant I didn't get in all of my water or my calories.  The most important part there was the water.  Today I will get it all in before I have to cut back tomorrow.

So far I have lost four pounds and you can really see my abs.  I know my body fat is going down but we aren't concerned with that number this week.  I am happy that I'm not losing a crazy amount of weight like I did my first peak week, that was insane and I really feel like I lost some muscle that week.  This time around is different, everything is tightening up nicely but I feel like I'm not losing any size.  Well that isn't true, my waist is shrinking up, another good thing :)

After an entire day of sleeping I woke up feeling really good today.  I will be doing a HIIT elliptical workout for lunch and then head to the gym after work for a shoulder workout and some abs.

Just a couple more days to see if this master plan works for me!