Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Conquering My Fears With My Daughter By My Side

I am continuing to evolve in my own little world of fitness.  My main goal was to compete as a figure competitor, which I have a achieved and continue to work towards improving on.

The best part of this has been finding new loves within fitness, pushing myself in different ways and including our daughter as I go along.  Each time I believe I have a limit I find myself pushing past it with my daughter cheering me on each and every time.

My running has finally become consistent again.  I am using a Nike Running training program for my next half marathon.  It challenges me and rather than running for say 3 miles, it will have me run two at an easy pace and really push myself for the last mile.  My speed is slowly increasing and my stamina is better than it has been.  I may miss a run here or there due to life and the craziness that comes along with it.  The heat and humidity are causing me to only be able to run early in the morning, some mornings my husband has to be to the gym to teach class by 5am and my father-in-law has to be to work by 4:30am which means I can't run because Bella can't be home by herself.  There are nights I plan on heading to the gym for a treadmill run (ICK) but something comes up like last night, an unexpected case of head lice for our daughter (again ICK).  So I just move my runs and use those days for my scheduled rest day instead.

I haven't been making it to Kosama as much as I would like to.  Bella has dance, soccer and now horse riding lessons during the week.  She is my number one priority and watching her do what she loves makes my heart soar, just like achieving my fitness goals.  I watched her face her fear of getting on a very tall horse, walked by her side as she took her first lesson and saw her ride alone all within an hour.  Our little girl is so determined and her perseverance astounds me.

On Sunday we did go to Kosama and Bella joined in for part of it.  We were doing squats outside in between tire flips, Bella decided to do some squats with me and we got some video.  Now I know her outfit isn't particularly practical for working out but next time she said she wants to wear shorts ;)  She knows she can do these things, she watches me and she learns, I love that she chooses to join in.

There is a plyo box at Kosama, I don't really have any issue with it until the highest level.  I hadn't attempted it but Kyle believed I could do it because level two was so easy for me.  It was intimidating standing there in front of the box that was pretty much waist high on me.  Knowing I wanted to jump on it without a running start.  It took me a little while but Bella was cheering me on and telling me I could do it along with Kyle, so I did it!  It was a great feeling and I did it more than once.  

Finding yourself achieve your goals is so empowering, no matter how small they may be.  My little cheerleader really pushes me, I love being on this journey of life with her and my husband.  I look forward to crushing more goals with them by my side!