Friday, August 24, 2012

Core Synergistics

Last night I did Core Synergistics, I'm happy I can finally really do the "banana".  It still feels kind of awkward like the small of my back shouldn't be so hard to keep on the floor, but yay I was happy :)

I will never be able to express how much I truly, truly LOVE this workout.  I got my hair done last night and David thought I'd been lifting for longer than three days, the definition in my shoulders is already looking pretty nice.

But my main focus here is my abs, the damn abs.  They aren't horrible, but again not in shape enough for me to feel comfortable baring my belly for all to see.  Soon, hopefully soon, I will get to that comfort level.

I'm doing amazing with my eating though, dinners are usually my downfall but my appetite hasn't been too bad so I've at least not devoured my entire dinner.  It is so easy to eat really well during the day at work when the only food I get to eat is what I have at work :)

Loading up on protein with every snack and meal, trying to keep away from the "bad" carbs.  Now I just have to keep it up!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ab Ripper X & Zumba

I did good yesterday, I had the day off for Bella's first day of Kindergarten (how can she be in Kindergarten already?!?).  I told myself to work out right away in the morning but the evening consisted of me barely sleeping as I wondered how Bella would do on her first day.

I managed to get my workout in that afternoon though, Ab Ripper X (which Bella did most of it with me, I'm not kidding) and then a Zumba workout.

I felt great, I was amazed at how sore I was from Core Synergistics on Monday, I didn't feel like I got a great workout that day but obviously I did!

Ab Ripper X is a love/hate type of workout, it is so HARD, but only 16 minutes and honestly it just flies by.  Zumba is just plain FUN, all in all a great workout yesterday :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back At It

I'm back into working out normally again, woo hoo!!!!  Using P90X for my lifting, Zumba for cardio and plan on running again starting in September.  I've been having some pain on my right side in the IT band area, still have pain on left side with my IT band.  Needless to say, it is frustrating, but fixable.

I have a wonderful friend from high school that is a physical therapist so I got some great tips from her.  I must stop my laziness with stretching and make sure I stretch every single night, use the foam roller on both sides, plus do ice massages.  I must do all this so I can continue to comfortably work out, she did promise me that the issue with completely go away eventually if I do this routine nightly.

Today was my first real day back to doing P90X.  I forgot that we have a dvd player here at work so I decided to try doing it on my lunch hour.  Well the tv is located in our Conference Room, all I did the entire time was of course work out, but I constantly kept hearing people coming in our main door and was freaking out that someone would come in the Conference Room (even though it was locked) and see me all crazy and sweating like mad.

On top of that I've started taking some pills, I really haven't taken anything to help me working out wise for YEARS.  Now back in the day when I worked at 24 Hour Fitness I was taking Hydroxycut, the Hydroxycut that was full of Ephedra.  The pill taking schedule then had me taking 5-6 pills a day, I was never hungry, worked out daily and got so skinny I looked like a crack head.  You know, I'm a curvy, muscly woman, it was weird to see myself with hardly any curves and little muscle, not attractive.

So anyway I had told Kyle I wanted a little something to help me get started, give me some energy, just get me going.  He is having me take Methyldrene 25, it contains Ephedra.  I couldn't believe it, I mean I thought Ephedra was banned, but it is a small amount and Kyle is great with me taking them.

I take one in the morning and then one late morning, well today was the first day I worked out on my lunch hour after taking two pills in the am.  BAD idea, holy crap I felt like I was going to faint, plus the panicking that someone would come in and see me doing my workout, it was just awful.  I got to our little bathroom with the shower afterwards and just layed on the tile floor trying to stay cool and not pass out.

Needless to say I will not be doing the P90X on my lunch hour, it's too stressful to workout in the Conference Room and apparently, at this point anyway, my body can't handle two pills in the am if I am going to work out on my lunch hour.

BUT I did get Core Synergistics done today, woo hoo!!!!  Now someone please help this non morning person get her butt up at 5am so I can do P90X in the mornings and just do my cardio on my lunch hour, that would be awesome.

All this getting back into working out so much is all for Halloween, that's right.  I'm going as Queen of the Damned, and I'll be damned if I'm baring my upper body besides my boobs for all to see and not have my core in amazing shape!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012


The Olympics are keeping me up tonight, I LOVE track and field, they amaze me.

Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to get up and start my morning workouts. Not gonna lie, I'm tired and sore from water volleyball on Saturday and sand volleyball Sunday, so much fun but so, so sore!

Kyle finally got us more protein, I really am ready to start weightlifting and getting more defined. He is having me take some new pills to help with energy to get me started. They are called Methyldrene, hopefully they will help with energy.

So my workout in the morning will be P90X Core Synergistics, at least it is a workout I truly love, man I hope I can get my butt up!

See you in the morning Tony.....