Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flip Belt - Get One!

I no longer have an issue at the gym due to wires thanks to my wireless headphones but I had been getting irritated with my armband I wear to hold my phone.  I adjust it all the time when I run because my arm gets so sweaty from it, when I lift arms it usually gets in the way....

I found the perfect solution, a flip belt!  Seriously anyone out there who dislikes wearing arm bands you must get one of these.

I just got mine in the mail last week and I was so excited to try it out.  I was worried it would shift around but it doesn't.  Today I went running with it for the first time and it stayed in place, I love, love, LOVE it!!!!  I can fit my phone, keys, GU packets, it holds quite a bit and doesn't feel bulky.

It comes in many different colors and sizes, such an awesome product!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I've Lost Something...

I have searched everywhere and have realized that I have completely lost one of the most important parts of competing, my SUIT!!!!

How does one manage to lose their competition suit?  Who knows, all I know is that I have gone through my entire house and am in tears over not being able to find it.  Not only is my suit missing but so is all of the jewelry I bought right before the May competition.

Kyle, David and I have all gone over what I did with the suit after the competition.  I changed in the back seat of the car and put everything in my Bob Marley bag.  All of our memories go back to the Bob Marley bag but when I checked it the only thing in there was my old lifting gloves :(

My suit holds such special meaning for me and I cannot believe that I have managed to somehow misplace it.

After going through every room yesterday and every bag and suitcase I found I felt so defeated.  Kyle tried making me feel better, even talking about being involved in the suit choice this time around and maybe picking a different color.

I had decided that I would get another suit eventually but planned on wearing my purple one this season.  Now the hunt will begin for a new one.  Kyle has joked with me that right after I get a new one we will probably find the purple one, then I would just rotate them.

No matter what no suit will mean as much to me as that suit does.  My first figure competition suit, my sistership suit, AY YAY YAY!!!!!

Better to know now rather than later, hopefully it will resurface, hopefully....

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sluggish - Trying a Cleanse


1.  indisposed to action or exertion; lacking in energy; lazy; indolent:
     a sluggish disposition.

That word totally describes me today.  Completely lacking energy and wanting to be LAZY.  I did not make it the gym this morning and it was the first time in a long time that I felt guilty about it.  Kyle was ready to go but I was just completely exhausted and chose not to get up.  Kyle went without me and I feel right back to sleep.  It was even difficult to get up for work.

I don't know why I felt like this, Kyle thinks I am getting too much sleep but I only got 6 hours the night before and last night if I had gotten up at 4:30 it would have only been 6 hours again.  Maybe my body is still reacting to me not eating the best over the holidays, maybe it is the freezing cold weather that makes me feel like doing nothing who knows.  I do know though that I have to kick my butt and get out of this funk.

I started a cleanse on Sunday, nothing crazy.  I am not one to do the juice detox or the vegan detox I wanted something simple.  So I am trying the Whole Body Cleanse from Complete Nutrition.  I know weight loss that I experience will be mostly water weight, I am anxious to see how I feel afterwards as I've never done a cleanse before.  Kyle thought it would be a good idea and help me feel more energized again.

My Florida vacation can not come soon enough.  I am looking forward to warm weather, being able to go for runs outside each day I am there, hiking, spending each moment with my bestie who will help me recharge.

Until then though I really am looking forward to leg day tomorrow when I don't have to get up at 4:30.  I hope to feel energized and ready to go.

I have to share my yummy dinner last night, my nutrition has been on point and I love the macro split Kyle has me on.  I had extra room for fats last night AND carbs woo hoo!!!  So I made protein pancakes, I have quite a few different recipes but this is the one I used last night:

1 cup oats
1 1/2 scoops V-Core Vantage Vanilla Bean Protein
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking powder
dash of vanilla
1/4 cup skim milk
Macros per pancake (this made 5 pancakes) 12.1g Protein; 3.5g Carbs; 3.3g Fat
154 calories per pancake

Blend it all up together and make your pancakes, you can add less or more milk depending on the thickness of pancakes you would like.  You can also use almond milk, soy milk, water, whatever you want we just happened to be out of almond milk.

I put some sugar free raspberry jam on my pancake, I only had one and some Walden Farms syrup.  Then I had one piece of whole wheat toast with two eggs cooked over easy.  It was one super yummy dinner!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015 - 2 Years In!

Two years ago this month Kyle, David and I went to a 24 hour gym, signed up and I started my true journey in the figure competition world.  I remember walking into the gym, it had been a while since we had memberships I used P90X at home.  I had forgotten how awesome the atmosphere was, seeing everyone else working hard and encouraging each other.  Having my husband and best friend by my side pushing each other.

I was hooked and finally I was mentally prepared to accomplish what I had dreamed of.  I never looked back after that first day, I went through so many ups and downs that first year.  I almost didn't compete in 2013, but I DID IT!  2014 was even better, I was constantly learning new ways with nutrition and Kyle and David were pushing me harder and harder.  I'm proud of what I accomplished in 2014, I brought a better ME to the stage in both competitions.

2014 has come to an end with many changes.  David is in Florida, little stinker butt, but at least I get to go visit him in just 13 days :)  Kyle and I are workout partners, he is my coach still of course but now we train together.  During the week we are up and ready to hit the gym at 4:30, the weekends we get to sleep in a little bit longer.

I have officially entered my prep mode for the May competition, an 18 week prep rather than a 12 week prep.  Those extra weeks will do a lot for me, I am feeling happy, excited and motivated.

I am getting stronger, woo hoo!  The other day we were doing wide grip curls and the 30 pound barbell was taken, so I grabbed the 40 pound barbell instead thinking I would get maybe 4 reps.  I got 8 reps for four sets :)  Pretty soon I'll be grabbing the 50 pound barbell, look out ;)

Our plan is in place.  I will be lifting six days a week, shoulders and legs twice a week.  Training for the Dam to Dam half marathon at the end of May, plyometrics, HIIT training and the step mill rotating through those on the days I don't run.  Still only doing cardio about four times a week.

There are some new supplements I will be trying out from Complete Nutrition, excited to see how they work for me.  I can't say enough how blessed I am to be sponsored by them, it helps immensely and they truly are such an awesome company!  I got some cards now to hand out to people, anyone that has one will get $11 off their purchase :)

Super excited for the 2015 competition season, learning more about myself, helping others live a healthier lifestyle and staying true to myself.