Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tire Flips, Chicago and Volleyball

I've been doing some fun things lately, I love having a variety of activities to challenge my body and mind!

Kosama is very challenging, I truly wish I was able to go there every day but with half marathon training and weight training I am happy to make it there about twice a week.  There is a big summer challenge going on, I can't participate for prizes since my husband is the GM but I still love the big challenge days.  Sundays have been the extra workouts, I LOVE the members and the support they show one another.  Their enthusiasm, respect and encouragement help each and every one of them KILL their workouts!

Tire flipping is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.  It really works every part of your body but really gets the shoulders and core working.  My form was not the best my first time, I let my back get a bit too rounded and ended up using my leg to help flip the tire, although it was the bigger tire and after a long workout :)  My husband got some video, I promised I would start posting videos and believe me there will be many more!  Here we go with my first video :)

Last week I was able to go to Chicago for a visit with my soul sister and her mom.  Her mom goes every June for work and she got a suite at the Ritz Carlton with two beds and invited me to join them.  I was so grateful, it had been four years since I had last spent time with Stephanie.  We met when we were 19 and both of us were living in Seattle.  We immediately became the best of friends, so many things in common it is scary and we are connected in a way that is so extremely rare.

During the trip we did some workouts at the hotel gym, which was very well equipped!  We also went for a run on the Lake Shore trail, it was so beautiful!  It rained when we were there but we still really enjoyed ourselves.  My run was a good one and I start my next round of half marathon training this week.  

We enjoyed some amazing food while we were there as well, I could not pass up the eggs benedict, WOW.  We truly felt like spoiled princesses at the Ritz Carlton, everything we ate was delicious and the coffee was so good.  We did go out one night for dinner at Mia Francesca's, some of the best food I have ever eaten.  It was a wonderful trip!

When I returned I had a double's tournament to play in Friday night.  Chris and I did fairly well, we could have played better but things don't always go as planned.  My brother and sister were on a team as well it was fun getting to play them.

After four hours of doubles on Friday and my regular doubles and four's Sunday night my back was really feeling it yesterday.  So I decided to take Monday off but I am looking forward to a 3 mile run on my lunch hour today :)

My next half marathon is in just 11 weeks, I plan on getting all of my training in now that my abs are finally feeling better.   My chiropractor is truly amazing and after adjusting my legs which led to adjusting my pelvis I am having no issues.

I feel like my goals are kind of scattered all over the place at the moment so I am taking things one day at a time.  Running and volleyball are at the top of my list for priorities but I will get some lifting in too, 2016 competition season will come up quickly!


  1. Oh my word, tire flipping looks intense!!!

  2. You go being healthy and fit. We all need to make time for fun, physical activities.

  3. You look so bad ass in that tire video!

  4. Tire flipping looks awesome! I only did it once at a Tough Mudder, but I bet it'd make a great workout! And the Ritz - fancy schmancy! How nice to be pampered a little with your BFF :)

  5. I'm the same way, I like trying out a variety of activities. But then I end up signing up for a ton of half marathons or marathons and I get sucked into a running routine.

  6. that looks so intense!!! and something I'd like to try :)

  7. My coach has me flip tires. It's great for the glutes!

    What is kosama? I've never heard of it!

    1. Kosama is kickboxing gym here, they do a variety of workouts from kickboxing to kettle bells to TRX, I love it!

  8. Wow tire flipping, I will have to try that someday....maybe!! You are awesome!

  9. I would love to try flipping tires as well....you my just have motivated me!!

  10. Flipping tires is on my fitness bucket list, but I haven't made it there yet. Good luck with your half marathon training!

  11. I've seen pictures of people tire flipping and it looks like intense fun... I must give it a try sometime.