Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today was my first "official" training run for the St. Louis half marathon on April 15th.

Not too bad other than the fact that I had NO MUSIC! My music is what gets me going and keeps me going. But since this lady has lost her engraved iPod Nano (I was HEARTBROKEN when I realized it is truly gone) and washed her iPod Shuffle, I have no music :(

Thankfully I have a hubby who knows how desperately I need my music and my Nike+ software, that software just makes the runs better knowing exactly how far I've run, how fast and the upbeat woman's voice telling me how great I'm doing helps too :)

Today was just a 2 mile run, so I ran 25 minutes. My pace when I first start running is about 10 minute miles, so hopefully I ran a bit over 2 miles today.

It was a FANTASTIC run! It was 30 degrees with 17mph hour winds, that made it feel like 18 degrees. But honestly it wasn't bad at all, very refreshing, even with the only thoughts in my head being about my breathing and wondering how my lungs would feel afterwards ;)

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