Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Free!!!

Today I got to put my heart monitor back in it's box and ship it off, woo hoo!!!!!  A month of wearing that thing was a long time, but I am so, so happy they had me wear it for so long.

Sunday night doubles volleyball in 100+ heat sucked, the pads just melted and the only thing holding them on was my sports bra.  But man did that monitor beep like crazy while we played so I know it was getting some hits.  The past two days wearing it I had some big flutters too, I was thrilled.  That may sound weird but I was worried I wouldn't have any flutters while wearing it and that was one thing I really wanted recorded.

There were some things that had me stressed out quite a bit and that was when I had the flutters, it just proves that high stress situations are something I need to try my hardest to stay away from.  Time to be selfish in this life and make sure my biggest worries are about myself and my own little family.  Of course I'm always there for anyone that needs me, absolutely, but I won't throw myself into others situations 100% anymore.

Started back slowly with exercise, Ab Ripper X is mainly what I've done, plus volleyball of course and I count the nights of scooping horse poop as a workout.  It is HORRID doing that in 100+ heat, seriously, it is so a workout! :)

Kyle and I will be starting AM workouts next week, I may not be doing a fitness show this year but my Halloween idea requires me to be very fit and it will be nice to get in great shape so next year it won't be too hard to get ready for the show when I really do it!!!!!!

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