Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ab Ripper X & Zumba

I did good yesterday, I had the day off for Bella's first day of Kindergarten (how can she be in Kindergarten already?!?).  I told myself to work out right away in the morning but the evening consisted of me barely sleeping as I wondered how Bella would do on her first day.

I managed to get my workout in that afternoon though, Ab Ripper X (which Bella did most of it with me, I'm not kidding) and then a Zumba workout.

I felt great, I was amazed at how sore I was from Core Synergistics on Monday, I didn't feel like I got a great workout that day but obviously I did!

Ab Ripper X is a love/hate type of workout, it is so HARD, but only 16 minutes and honestly it just flies by.  Zumba is just plain FUN, all in all a great workout yesterday :)

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