Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Mile Run

WINDY!!!!!!!! Seriously, the wind can stop any day now, at least on one of the days I have a run :)

Today was a three mile run day and it was pretty dang chilly and super windy. My route I take on my lunch hour starts me off with a nice big hill, which is obviously also the end of my run. Today as I topped the hill (it is a bridge going over the interstate) the wind gusts were ridiculous! Seriously I'm glad there were no cars on the bridge while I was because I was getting blown all over the place.

Still a pretty good run though: 3 miles, 29:39 minutes, 41 degrees, 25mph winds, 32 degrees with the windchill.

Staying under 10 minute miles, that is my goal at this point.

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