Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Did It!

Goal number one for this fitness year is completed, I did the St. Louis Half Marathon!!!  Thanks to one of my bestest friends Shalae for motivating me to do this with her :)

I trained for about three months and wish I would have trained longer.  It was an amazing experience and a very painful one.  The first half of the race was wonderful, the second half wasn't bad until about mile 12, that was when every single muscle in both of my legs cramped up.  I must say that pain was unlike anything else and feeling like I couldn't move my legs was hell.

The thoughts running through my head as I half ass jogged and walked that last mile were, holy shit this is the longest mile of my life, my cardiologist was right my body can't handle this, and last but certainly not least because this thought made me run the last part was Zach.  Seriously Zach went through boot camp for weeks, he helped me finish running at the end :)

It sucked having to get in the car for the five hour drive home.  When Mindy and I got to her house I could barely get out of the car to help her get her stuff inside and of course say hello to my beautiful niece Evey :)  Once I got home it was straight into a hot bath for me.  I have a massive bruise on the outside of my right thigh, not sure where that came from but I didn't have it before the race!

Again, I'm happy to have accomplished this goal, I will not be running a half marathon ever again.  Although next year Shalae, myself, our friend Becca and someone else will be doing the relay marathon, that I can handle :)  After resting all day yesterday, drinking massive amounts of water and gaterade, a couple hot baths and finally being able to stretch, I'm feeling pretty good today!

Proud of myself for this accomplishment, I do wish I would have made it under 10 minute miles, but my final time was 2 hours and 17 minutes.  That last mile killed my under 10 minute miles, oh well!

Now time to start training for the fitness show in October :)

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