Friday, March 30, 2012

4 Mile Run

Another great run done :)  It was CRAZY windy, 32 mph winds and only 58 degrees but very sunny.  My brother has become my savior, I'm truly enjoying our runs together which makes my long runs a bit harder since he can't do those with me.

We ran the 4 miles at a 9:08 per mile pace, Larry finished ahead of me, he always does :)  I was surprised because I actually felt like we were going super slow and my legs were pretty tight, so it was a nice surprise when we were done.

Today I went to the chiro again, seriously he works magic and I wish I would have started going much sooner. My hips were way out of whack of course and I had a horrible kink in my neck.  Neck cracking always freaks me out, but my chiro totally distracts me like he's doing something else and then does it.  I got to have an ultra sound treatment with some Biofreeze.  Now I'm just enjoying the hot, tingly feeling on my neck and the somewhat release of the tight muscles.

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