Friday, September 28, 2012

Naughty, Naughty

So we all know I enjoy my runs, getting back in shape and all that jazz.  We also all know how much I LOVE disgusting, greasy, horrid for you fast food.

Seriously, I know what this crap is made of, I know it can sit out on a counter for days on end and still look like it did the day you bought it.  What kind of food lasts like that????  I know it has thousands of bad calories, far too much fat, loads of sodium and yet I still eat it.

I've done very well though, I hadn't had any for a few weeks and then stupid McDonald's started their silly Monopoly game.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks getting McDonald's maybe once a week during this time could truly mean I will win the million dollars.  I mean I got my first meal on the first day and right away I got Park Place, Boardwalk could be just one sandwich away!!! Look, I don't spend money on lottery tickets at least I'm getting some food out of this, right?

So then last night when I got home (after deep cleaning my Aunt's apartment for 2 1/2 hours, hey that was my workout) I see a Wendy's ad sitting on the table.  Kyle knows of my horrible want for this greasy food, he knows one of my FAVORITE burgers of all time was the Wendy's cheddar mushroom melt (which they haven't offered for a couple of years and yes I'm pathetic and would occasionally search it out hoping they brought it back) on the front of the ad is this:

OMG, not just a cheddar mushroom melt, a BACON and PORTABELLA mushroom melt, holy crap someone pinch me, am I dreaming???  Kyle saw my face when I saw that photo and he knew it was inevitable, we would be having Wendy's this weekend.

So tonight I will be thoroughly enjoying this awful, disgustingly bad for you sandwich and then tomorrow morning I will be going for a nice run.  Get some healthy groceries for some delicious healthy meals and try not to feel too badly for the bad, bad, naughty, naughty food I will be enjoying tonight :)

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