Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Indoor 4's is TOUGH

It was interesting playing four's indoors last night, it was at a church that has a really nice little gym attached to it.

So weird to play on a gym floor instead of sand!  I could actually jump and get above the net, didn't realize that until the end because I was just certain I COULDN'T get above the net, I surprised myself :)

The ball was a new ball, not like the balls at Volley's that are soft and kind of flat.  That new ball HURT, especially with guys that could serve and hit really, really hard.  My arms were red as tomatoes when we got done and today I have little bruises all over my forearms.

I played like crap at first, took me a little bit to "get used" to the ball and the damn gym floor.  I had a lot of fun though, nice little cardio workout for an hour :)

My arms are crazy sore today, my biceps still feel like they are super pumped!  I have a feeling I will get lots of growth over the next two months with these new workouts Kyle came up with.

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