Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015 - 2 Years In!

Two years ago this month Kyle, David and I went to a 24 hour gym, signed up and I started my true journey in the figure competition world.  I remember walking into the gym, it had been a while since we had memberships I used P90X at home.  I had forgotten how awesome the atmosphere was, seeing everyone else working hard and encouraging each other.  Having my husband and best friend by my side pushing each other.

I was hooked and finally I was mentally prepared to accomplish what I had dreamed of.  I never looked back after that first day, I went through so many ups and downs that first year.  I almost didn't compete in 2013, but I DID IT!  2014 was even better, I was constantly learning new ways with nutrition and Kyle and David were pushing me harder and harder.  I'm proud of what I accomplished in 2014, I brought a better ME to the stage in both competitions.

2014 has come to an end with many changes.  David is in Florida, little stinker butt, but at least I get to go visit him in just 13 days :)  Kyle and I are workout partners, he is my coach still of course but now we train together.  During the week we are up and ready to hit the gym at 4:30, the weekends we get to sleep in a little bit longer.

I have officially entered my prep mode for the May competition, an 18 week prep rather than a 12 week prep.  Those extra weeks will do a lot for me, I am feeling happy, excited and motivated.

I am getting stronger, woo hoo!  The other day we were doing wide grip curls and the 30 pound barbell was taken, so I grabbed the 40 pound barbell instead thinking I would get maybe 4 reps.  I got 8 reps for four sets :)  Pretty soon I'll be grabbing the 50 pound barbell, look out ;)

Our plan is in place.  I will be lifting six days a week, shoulders and legs twice a week.  Training for the Dam to Dam half marathon at the end of May, plyometrics, HIIT training and the step mill rotating through those on the days I don't run.  Still only doing cardio about four times a week.

There are some new supplements I will be trying out from Complete Nutrition, excited to see how they work for me.  I can't say enough how blessed I am to be sponsored by them, it helps immensely and they truly are such an awesome company!  I got some cards now to hand out to people, anyone that has one will get $11 off their purchase :)

Super excited for the 2015 competition season, learning more about myself, helping others live a healthier lifestyle and staying true to myself.  

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  1. Can't wait to see you grow in 2015! Go get it!!!! LOVE YOU!!!