Monday, January 12, 2015

I've Lost Something...

I have searched everywhere and have realized that I have completely lost one of the most important parts of competing, my SUIT!!!!

How does one manage to lose their competition suit?  Who knows, all I know is that I have gone through my entire house and am in tears over not being able to find it.  Not only is my suit missing but so is all of the jewelry I bought right before the May competition.

Kyle, David and I have all gone over what I did with the suit after the competition.  I changed in the back seat of the car and put everything in my Bob Marley bag.  All of our memories go back to the Bob Marley bag but when I checked it the only thing in there was my old lifting gloves :(

My suit holds such special meaning for me and I cannot believe that I have managed to somehow misplace it.

After going through every room yesterday and every bag and suitcase I found I felt so defeated.  Kyle tried making me feel better, even talking about being involved in the suit choice this time around and maybe picking a different color.

I had decided that I would get another suit eventually but planned on wearing my purple one this season.  Now the hunt will begin for a new one.  Kyle has joked with me that right after I get a new one we will probably find the purple one, then I would just rotate them.

No matter what no suit will mean as much to me as that suit does.  My first figure competition suit, my sistership suit, AY YAY YAY!!!!!

Better to know now rather than later, hopefully it will resurface, hopefully....

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  1. Oh no!! I hope you find it! I know you will look beautiful in any suit you wear that day :) I can't wait to see pictures..4 months!!!