Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shoulders, Kickboxing AND Volleyball

Yesterday turned out a little crazy.  Two a day workouts are a must at this point, especially when I start training for the Dam to Dam half marathon.

I began my day with Kyle at the gym at 4:45 for a shoulder workout.  I am trying so hard to get more size in my shoulders so we will be training them twice a week.  I went up in weight in almost everything.  However I still can't go up in lateral raises, 10lbs for 25 reps is more than enough for me.  I killed it in the gym and decided for cardio I would do the kickboxing class after work at Kosama.  I can take Bella there and she can watch, do homework or play on her tablet, so, so nice!

I had actually thought about not doing the kickboxing because I had a headache.  When I asked Bella what she thought she said, mommy I think we should just go to Kosama, you will have fun and it will probably make your headache go away and I really want to go there. She was right, I had fun, got my butt kicked and my headache went away :)  The classes there are killer, so intense, I can't say enough how much I am loving it there!

After class Bella and I headed home, Kyle stayed for the 6:30 class to meet more members.  I cooked up some yummy chicken fajitas with onions, green and red peppers and mushrooms.  I buy low carb tortillas and get them from the HyVee health food section.  Fajitas have become a weekly dinner item because they are easy, healthy and of course delicious!

I got an unexpected phone call at about 7:45 from one of the guys I play volleyball with on Sundays.  He needed a sub at 8:30.  I really wanted to just stay home but instead I went and played.  We won all three games and it was a lot of fun.

I hit my workout limit yesterday, feeling pretty sore today.  I'll be lifting chest and back over my lunch hour and no cardio today :)  I can't say I don't like cardio though, I could kick box every day and be incredibly happy about it!

With all of this and sticking to my plan I am seeing changes in my body.  My muscle definition is becoming more prominent.  This is when I really start to get excited, the body fat lowers and I can see everything I've worked so hard for, YAY!!!!! :)

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