Monday, February 25, 2013

Gym Time!

Hello there!  No I have not stopped working out, I just haven't been blogging about it, oops.

So I came to the last three weeks of P90X Classic and rather than do that I've started training at the gym with Kyle.  I really don't like those last three weeks of P90X, they are boring to me and honestly I'm more than ready to be in the gym lifting a bit heavier and simply doing more.

Saturday was my first true workout with Kyle as my trainer, it was a good one.  He does make me laugh a little bit, I love how much he supports me and believes in me, seriously to have him with me through this journey I am beyond blessed, but.....

He was wanting me to do reverse curls and he grabbed the 25 pound curl bar. Now I'm thinking, ok Steph, the most you've curled has been 15 pounds and these are REVERSE curls but lets do this!

I did eight reps with horrible form on the last two, normally I do 12-15 reps but Kyle is wanting to add in some heavier weights with less reps as well.  We go to do the second set and I seriously could not lift that damn bar, he is looking at me and is like, "come on baby, I know you can do it, you can do five reps."  I did one and wanted to cry, I truly could do no more, I think he felt kind of bad but I told him I've only been lifting for two months and not heavy weights.  I felt like I disappointed him, but nope, he was disappointed that he tried to get me to do that when I'm not quite to the point of being able to curl 25 pounds yet :)

Food wise we are doing awesome, most of the items I buy at the grocery store are all fresh.  I'm finding so many great recipes thanks to Pinterest and have found some blogs to follow.  The transition was a bit tough, but now that we've made it, it truly is so easy and we are spending less money on groceries.  Still have cheat days, but even those are getting less and less and my cravings are really changing from wanting some greasy fast food to wanting a sub sandwich or a salad instead.  

Dieting wise I don't really need to diet thankfully, not until we hit July then it will be me weighing out my food keeping track of calories, fat, protein intake, all that fun stuff.  I will start keeping track of the amount of protein I get in everyday though, crazy how much the protein truly helps with muscle recovery, I've got to start getting in about 145 grams a day.  Good thing I love to eat Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, fish, almonds, string cheese, protein powder, peanut butter, just have to make sure I'm actually eating enough of it every day!

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