Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5 Do Over

So on that last workout I posted about, I tweaked my left shoulder and had to take the rest of the week off.  I am redoing week 5 this week, and I'm ok with that :)

Chest, Triceps, Shoulders & Ab Ripper X was a great workout on Sunday.  I did it on Sunday instead of Monday because I had an event Monday night and I knew I wouldn't get up Monday morning to do the workout, Mondays are just the worst!

I'm having issues with some of the push up, Kyle was observing while I did this workout.  I can't do the one arm push ups yet and the plyo push ups, well I did one.  On the plyo push ups you go up, clap, then go back into plank for another one.  After just one I felt like if I tried another my face would hit the floor before my hands got there, but I did one, yay! :)

Weight is back down, seriously, it is such a roller coaster, back at 142.  We won't take my body fat again for about three more weeks.

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