Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ugh But Still Excited!

Working on getting the new routine sorted out, picking my lifting days and cardio days, looking for races to participate in to help me get back into running and have mini goals up until the big show.

Today I happened to see on Facebook a photo of the winner from last years competition that I will be competing in.  By the way I've been overly annoyed that they never posted any pictures to check out of the winners.  So I'm a "fan" of "Your First Figure Competition" and there she was, last years winner of The Best in The Midwest Show.

Not what I expected to see, she looks amazing, very small.  Maybe I will be that small but her legs were pretty tiny, I'm so terrified that my legs are going to be these enormous muscle bound things that make the judges think, really, why isn't this chick body building instead?

I know to trust my amazing trainer in all aspects, I have no idea why it kind of took the wind out of my sails today but it did.  I know I have seven months to prepare for the show, I have so many transformations to go through and I know that every judging panel has their own "idea" of what they want to see in a figure competition.

I hope and pray that when I compete they are truly looking for someone with amazing symmetry and muscle definition because that is what they are going to get!

So I guess today I got a big dose of reality, I'm really doing this, I have extremely high expectations for myself, but no matter what I want to have fun.  I'm beginning to surround myself with an amazing team of people, Kyle for my trainer and nutritionist, our friend Dimitra for my posing coach, my bestie David for hair and painting me for the show, my sister Mindy for makeup, an awesome shop on Etsy to get my custom suit from.

I'm beyond grateful for so many people that are wanting to help me out already, surround me with positive energy and help make this a fun experience!

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