Friday, August 22, 2014

Things Happen For A Reason...

Throughout our lives we are told that things happen for a reason.  I have had instances in my life where that has been very true.  Until this moment though there hasn't been a time where that has happened and it truly makes perfect sense.  Like the stars in the universe finally aligned perfectly for an ideal circumstance to happen for my family.

Why am I writing about this on my figure competition blog?  Well who knew that a big change and opportunity for Kyle could in turn become a very big opportunity for me and my future in competing!

Kyle started a new job and the funny thing is he wasn't necessarily searching super hard for something but this one caught his eye.  After weeks of interviewing, background check he got an offer to be the new manager at a nutrition store in Cedar Rapids.  Once his training is completed and he takes over the store I will happily share which company he works for.

We were over the moon excited, things have been rough and taken their toll on all of us.  For me, as I've discussed before, I have just been really "off" and have been needing some sort of kick in the ass to get back on track.  Stress has been at very high levels and I can admit that I let it take me over.

Last night Kyle let me know he had some news for me other than the fact that he got the job, he hadn't wanted to tell me and get my hopes up until he had the job for sure.  When Kyle interviewed he told them about training me and showed them some of my competition photos.

This led to discussion of their company sponsoring me!!!!  Not set up yet, but the possibility is high!!!!  Talk about a kick in the ass to get me back on track and showing them the kind of athlete I really am :)  How insane, I really have a chance at becoming a sponsored athlete, EEECK!!!!!!!!

I guess we really needed to go through our struggles, learn that we really can get through anything together and that things really do happen for a reason :)

Here's to working hard, making gains and having an incredible competition season in 2015!

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