Thursday, November 13, 2014

Taking A Sick Day

Yesterday was kind of rough.  We got up for the gym at 4:30 and I just wasn't feeling right.  Kyle's chipper morning happiness was doing anything but making me smile and laugh.  Rather I felt like punching him and taking that chippery attitude right out of him.  Sometimes I can be mean, not gonna lie, that man puts up with quite a bit from me but after nearly 13 years together he knows what he is dealing with.

At the gym I wandered about in a haze, my pre-workout was kicking in but not in a good way.  The 3plenish was too sweet for me, that NEVER happens it is not a super sweet drink.  Instead I would head for the water fountain between sets.  Somehow I managed to go up in a weight on a few sets, we did chest and back.  I LOVE training back so that does help me tell myself I can push it harder and add more weight.  Simple chatter with fellow gym members was not happening and finally I told Kyle we just needed to go home because I was either going to faint or vomit at the gym.

We headed home, I got sick and crawled into bed.  Kyle took my temp and we expected it to be high, instead it was 96.2 and he couldn't believe how cold my body felt.  I put on sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt, another long sleeved shirt, fuzzy socks, four blankets and we could not get my temperature up.  Kyle googled some things, seriously don't do that, but it did make some sense and could have been in relation to my training and the fact that I ran in very cold weather the day before.  But man I have a race on Saturday so I HAD to run!  I couldn't not document my sick day, so here I was, sicky mcsickerson in bed ALL day long.

I have to give a shout out to the company that made the shirt I am wearing.  The slogan made me feel a little better because it is so true.  Even though I was clearly sick and needing some rest I will NEVER GIVE UP, but I will rest when my body is telling me to.  Check out Thick 2 Thin I love all they stand for, Andrea's posts, their clothing, just such an awesome and honest company!

My day consisted of sleeping, drinking LOTS of water, taking vitamins and drinking tea.  Kyle took such great care of me, making me soup, checking my temperature every hour.  It took almost the entire day but my temperature finally got back up to normal.  Imagine poor Kyle having to wake me up each hour and have "the monster" very angry and NOT wanting her temperature taken, I just wanted to SLEEP.  Props to you babe, I apologize for how I can be at times, thank you a thousand times for putting up with me!

We decided I would need another rest day today, I've had some good oatmeal with protein, shredded chicken and plan on soup and protein shakes along with tea and water the rest of the day.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I can lift shoulders, if not, oh well, shoulder day will come again :)

I do have the Turkey Trot on Saturday morning and I will be running it with my sister Jenn.  Very excited for it, already knowing I may not hit a best time or anything like that but I'm ok with it.  Hopefully tomorrow I wake up feeling like me again :)

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