Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Speed Racer

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a run, 57 degrees, slightly sunny and a bit windy.  I wore a pair of leggings a dry fit t-shirt and a light windbreaker, PERFECT!

I felt good and suddenly realized that my 8k race is just a week and a half away, that snuck up on me!

My pace felt faster than normal and for once I decided not to check my miles, I just ran 2.5 and was anxious to finish.  My mile splits were 8:37, over a minute faster than my last run!  I was very pleasantly surprised :)

My runs are going to get more difficult as the colder weather sets in.  My plan is to continue on no matter what, well except for those negative temps, my body just can't handle it.  On those days I will be forcing myself to get runs in on the treadmill.  I can't stand treadmill running but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I am currently on the hunt for some good gloves, I hate when my hands get sweaty and my gloves feel wet, can you say GROSS?  I also need a good hat that will cover my mouth or a dry fit cowl, better get on that before the Iowa winter really sets in.

I am proud of my run yesterday, no run today but I will be hitting the gym tonight with my trainer aka hubby for some chest and back.  I was reminded today again by a family member of how very lucky I am to have my husband as my trainer, believe me ladies and gents I truly know how very LUCKY I am.  We found each other so long ago and our love for fitness is part of what holds us together.

I am thankful every day to have that man in my life!

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