Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Return of the Turkey Trot

This past Saturday I ran The Return of the Turkey Trot race, my sister and I ran the 8k.  We happened to run into our cousin Rae Ann and her son Kyle who also ran the race, it was so much fun :)

It was pretty dang cold, thankfully snow didn't hit our area until later that night and the BITTER cold didn't set in until Monday.  Although with the windchill right before the race started it was -4.  BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

For the first two miles I really couldn't feel my feet, it was like running on ice blocks and my hands were frozen.  At about 2.5 miles my feet came back to life and my hands started tingling, I finally warmed up.  It really was a great race, at the very end there was a very steep but thankfully short uphill.  As I ran towards the finish and saw the time on the clock I managed to kick it in and finish right before 44 minutes.  It was a good race for me and I'm proud of how I did :)

Now to continue with the running, it is so freezing cold here I will have to give in and do some treadmill running.  I really do want to become a faster runner, slowly but surely it will happen.

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