Monday, December 16, 2013

Frustrating Arm

Hello there :)

I'm still plugging away, not eating as well as I should be, this time of year is so hard for me.  I have no excuses, I'm just making some poor choices.

Feeling extremely frustrated because I am still having issues with my right arm.  It actually seems to have gotten worse.  I reached out to my friend Kelly, she owns a massage studio here called Body Mechanix Massage.  She is amazing and will hopefully be able to help me with my arm.  I'm all in place, the chiro can't really do much more for me.

I've pretty much been doing just legs and abs, my major areas that need work so it's good I can still do that at least.  But I swear my biceps and shoulders are shrinking, it is a little hard for me right now to not freak out!!!!

I've still got just under six months to get ready for the competition, I'm just so, so frustrated.  I can barely lift anything with my right arm, now there is constant pain, seriously WTF?!?

I can manage to do chest, but that even gets painful at times, back, no way.  So I guess I'll have big legs, a big booty and a big chest, LOL!

Never would have though I'd be so hell bent on getting my butt bigger ;)

Send me happy thoughts for my arm, it just has to get better!!!

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