Monday, December 2, 2013

Mandatory Rest :(

Glad I went to the chiropractor, not too happy with the outcome, but it could be worse.

I really, REALLY, need to learn to just go in right away when anything feels "off".  He got my neck adjusted, couldn't do anything with my shoulder or shoulder blade because my muscles were so swollen and tight.  

I told him I felt the pain after lifting last week, that was when I got my ear full of making sure I go in right away when something like this happens.  He checked my elbow and wrist to make sure they weren't out of place, thankfully they were fine.  When he got to my shoulder and neck he told me I'm lucky I don't have a ruptured disc.

I then had to have some ultrasound therapy, that felt wonderful with the Biofreeze and ultrasound machine.  Definitely loosened things up but I still have pain in my elbow.

I told him he was killing me, I'm starting my 24 week prep!  He just laughed and told me I am killing myself, need to stretch more, listen to my body and no more lifting until we get the issue taken care of.

I don't go back until Wednesday :(  At least this has happened in the very first week of my prep, still discouraging and frustrating.  I know I won't lose any muscle tone even if I'm off for a whole week.

My mind set is to keep pushing no matter what, time to change that.  I'm so glad I went in today and hope to be back in the gym Friday or Saturday!

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