Monday, December 2, 2013

24 Weeks

I'm still here, still lifting heavy and GROWING :)

This time around I will be doing a 24 week prep using the Fighter Diet Contest Prep.  I'm looking forward to getting started, especially after stuffing my face with so much food on Thanksgiving.  I'm surprised I haven't turned into pecan pie I ate so much!

I'm staying away from the scale for the time being, I'm honestly far too terrified to know how much I weigh at the moment.  Good thing is that my pants still fit in the waist, not so much in the butt area.  BUT that is a GOOD thing, my butt is really growing thanks to leg workouts twice a week and increasing the weight on my squats and deadlifts.

You know how I said before that I wasn't a fan of leg day?  Well now it is my FAVORITE.  I think it is just because my legs have gotten so strong, I'm seeing changes in them, my butt is lifting and getting rounder, it just makes me happy :)

About two weeks ago I started having pain in my right elbow.  Of course this happened after a shoulder workout.  I'm assuming it is a pinched nerve in my right shoulder, the pain goes from there down to my elbow (that is where I have the most pain) and it goes down into my hand.  Yesterday I lifted legs and shoulders, had to stop partway through the shoulder workout because I literally couldn't lift anything with my right arm.

Today I will be visiting my chiro and hoping he can fix me, then I might be making an appointment with my friend Kelly for a massage.

These little bumps in the road really, really irritate me.  Today will be an unplanned rest day thanks to me having to go to the chiro, tomorrow I plan on heading to the gym.

For legs I'm up to 225 pounds on three angle calf presses, 115 pounds on back squats and deadlifts, I'm getting there!  And these aren't half ass squats, I get below my knees!

Here's to my next prep, I'm ready to GET IT, work my butt off and bring a more muscular and lean ME to the competition in May :)

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