Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Neon Sport Volt & Kinetic Review

I was so excited to try out the Neon Sport pre-workout and BCAA supplements.

First up the pre-workout, Volt, I had the watermelon flavor.  The best part about the Volt was the flavor, it truly tasted like a delicious watermelon.  However I didn't get my usual "kick" I like to get from a pre-workout, it did nothing for me.  I really was disappointed and had hoped to have a great workout with it, but that just didn't happen.

I tried the Kinetic for my two hours of sand volleyball, then I also tried it during a weight training session.  The Kinetic has an energy blend in it so I was really expecting a boost from it.  During volleyball it did nothing for me, I had the Berry Lemonade flavor, which was amazing.  During my weight training session again, it just didn't do it for me.

All in all the flavor was the best part of both supplements.  I truly wish they had done more for me, but I will be sticking with my usual for my pre-workout and BCAA's.

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