Friday, July 11, 2014

Pre-Workout Review

I love me some good pre-workout, amps me up for my workouts and helps me have that little extra push to get through the extra tough ones.

There are so many different kinds out there and it can be so overwhelming.  I basically go with what Kyle thinks would be best.  We also like to stick to brands we know and trust.

First up is N.O.-Xplode by BSN.  I have tried the blue raspberry and fruit punch flavors.  I prefer the blue raspberry, nice and tangy!  When you mix this up you do NOT want to do it with a shaker, the lid can pop off, not that I would know that from personal experience ;)  This stuff kicks in right away for me, I get tingly all over and am ready to work out and I get really vascular!  Sometimes it is a bit much for me, but I do like this product.  

Second we have Assault by MusclePharm.  First off Muscle Pharm is one of my favorite brands.  I have never tried a product of theirs that I didn't like and they have a great reputation.  I have tried the grape and fruit punch flavors, grape is my favorite it is super yummy.  You need to mix this one up really well otherwise it can kind of chunk up and believe me choking down chunks of it is not very appetizing.  The tingle I get from the Assault is not as intense as the N.O.-Xplode, I get the same good kick through my workout, the vascular effect is not as noticeable with this product.

For the final pre-workout we have Pump Igniter by Top Secret Nutrition.  I first decided to try out this brand for their protein (which is amazing) thanks to a gal I am friends with on, Kristine Loock, she is one of their sponsored athletes.  The Pump Igniter happens to come in my FAVORITE flavor of all time, cherry limeade :)  The flavor is phenomenal, the intensity is right in the middle of the intensity I would get from the N.O.-Xplode and the Assault.  I didn't notice any increase to my vascularity but I do feel like it helped push me more through my workout.

In the end I have to say that I LOVE each of these pre-workout products, I will change up what I use every couple of weeks and continue to purchase each of them.  They each give me something a little different which makes me feel like I just can't choose a favorite.

Regardless of what you like to use I really do feel that using these products helps me get through my heavy lifting and pushes me past my limits.  I can really tell a huge difference when I workout without taking one of these!


  1. I want to try the no explode!! At work the other day I was looking at it and my manager told me they are reformulating it! :(

  2. They were reformulating it and I thought the newer formula was out already, but I haven't had to buy any in a little while. Clearly I am stocked up enough ;)