Monday, July 7, 2014

The "Dreaded" Scale

Friday I started my new lifting routine, we've got a new plan in place, for these first four-six weeks anyway depending on the changes we see.  I lift chest, back and shoulders, it was intense, lots of compound lifting engaging way more muscle groups than my chest, back and shoulders.  I woke up Saturday morning crazy sore!

I got to lift with David, it was great being back in the gym together.  I've been so "blah" for a few weeks now, I'm really, really trying to dig myself out of this funk, but I'm not gonna lie, it's been really hard.  I have goals, huge goals, gotta get back at it!!!!

I am enjoying the extra time I am getting with Bella and Kyle though.  I love my evenings that consist of dance classes, yard work, photo editing, cooking, playing games just enjoying life at the moment.  

But the nagging voice in the back of my mind is getting louder and louder.  I was so happy to see the awesome pump I got on Friday and the muscle size, it really is true that you won't lose all that muscle quickly :)

This post competition phase has been so different than the first one.  The post competition blues knocked me out last time, it was so, so hard for me.  Somehow it was completely different this time around, thankfully.  But I went from one extreme to the other, gotta find that middle ground after the next one.

I had not stepped on a scale yet, I've been honestly terrified.  What have I let myself get up to???  I would think that often.  Then I would tell myself, WHO CARES what the scale says!!!  My clothes fit, sure my boobs fit back into my bigger bras, they always come back first.  Sure I've gained some body fat back, that is completely normal.  

After the last competition I gained about 23 pounds, that got to me, it really did.  David weighed himself after we worked out on Friday and I finally gave in, I just had to know.  One, it kept bothering me to really not know and two I need to know so I can make sure I am eating enough calories.

Since the competition I've gained............................

12 pounds!!!!!!

I was so, so happy :)  That is a more normal gain than the 23 pounds was last time.  My goal is to kind of maintain, although I won't be completely focusing on the scale, just weighing in every few weeks to make sure I am keeping my calories where they need to be.

I did a lot of food prep yesterday, grilled some barbecue chicken breasts, made steamed broccoli, a chicken breast stir fry, baked sweet potatoes.  The rest of my food for the week is fresh and just needs chopped up, nutrition really is just as important as the weight training.  Thankfully I've stayed fairly on point with my nutrition, clearly that has helped me.

I will say though after two days of not the best eating and then getting back on track, man can my body feel the difference!  My tummy is happier, I have more energy and feel happier.

There is always a lot of tug of war with me when it comes to food, I feel like I'm getting better at winning that war and as time goes on it will continue to get easier.

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