Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's Deep Thoughts

I know I talk about a certain subject often on here, BALANCE.  I don't share much on this subject on Facebook.  Maybe I am not brave enough and in all honesty I feel I haven't been in this world of figure competing long enough to talk about it as much on my personal Facebook page.  This is my place to be fully open and honest, I've gained more followers and am thankful that I still feel this is my "safe" place to give my opinions without being judged, yet.

I have wondered lately if the fact that I started this journey at an "older" age after getting married, after having Bella, after years of considering taking it on has had a large effect on how I am handling things.  

Personally I do not fear taking a vacation because I would freak out about having the right gym to get my workouts in.  I am happy to get my workouts in however I can, I don't need the perfect gym.  I am going to Florida to visit David in January, I will have a gym to go to but I'm not worried about what type of equipment they will have.  I do not fear going to birthday parties or events, even when I am in final weeks of prep mode.  I have no issue with eating what I need to before such an event and passing up a piece of cake.  I will not lose out on memories because of my desire to be a figure competitor.

There are so many, just so many competitors out there that talk about this.  Competitors that had competed for years and finally chose to stop competing because they could not find balance.  I feel for them and hurt for them, some of them may have had bad coaching or their desire to be on top overtook them in such a way that they lost site of everything else.

I post about this because I never want to be in that spot.  January will be my two year mark on this journey and I am still very happy and enjoying every step.  I enjoy my workouts with my husband, it has become routine again to be up at 4:30 during the week and ready for the gym.  We encourage each other with our food choices, we take recipes we love and tweak them to fit our macros and Bella enjoys the same foods.

I know as I get into the final couple months of my prep I will become stricter and my calories will be lower but I will still make choices I enjoy and I will not dread that part of my prep.

I've said it many times but it still holds true, having my entire family and my friends supporting me 100% makes this even more enjoyable and easier.  Their pride in me pushes me harder than I could ever push myself, knowing the only person I am in competition with is myself helps immensely.  The changes I keep seeing, the growth in certain areas while maintaining a smaller shape in other areas blows my mind.

In two years I have made amazing progress but I know I won't hit my peak for years to come.  This is truly a lifestyle and my goals in this are not something that can happen overnight.  I will continue to enjoy my workouts with my husband and helping my family to live a healthy lifestyle so we can enjoy our active lifestyle for many, many years.  I am proud of where I am at this moment!

I am grateful that I truly have balance and I see it every day.  I still work my full-time job and enjoy it every day, I'm a mother who takes her daughter to dance and has nights free to spend time with her, going to movies and dinner, playing games, reading books, a wife who enjoys dates with her husband, a daughter who enjoys special times with her parents, a sister who indulges in game nights, going to the theater, an auntie who loves making cookies with my nieces and nephews and a friend who enjoys some nights out.  I never want to lose site of these things and I never will.

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