Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lifting Heavy Will NOT Make You Bulky

I hear often that people are afraid to lift heavy because they fear they will get big "bulky" muscles.  Women are especially terrified of this side effect.  I was really angered to hear about a gym in my area that actually tells it's members that bold faced lie.  Spreading a fear through their members that the only way to get toned is by lifting using bands and if they use weights or kettle bells they will get big bulky muscles.  The members are also advised that eating too much protein will make their muscles get bulky.

GAHHHHH!!!!!  Are you f-ing serious????  First of all I feel horrible for anyone paying the insane amount they pay to work out at this place, then to know they are flat out lied to, it really irks me.  How can a "trainer" actually be telling people such lies?  How can they feel good about themselves by misinforming their members?  What's worse is they talk crap about any gyms who encourage lifting with actual weights, they are fearful of kettle bells (oh man swinging those things around will get you massive) please, oh please sense my sarcasm.

I am adding in some new fun things to help me continue to build my muscles and get leaner.  I will begin training with Kyle at Kosama along with maintaining our heavy weight training at Northland Fitness.  Kyle is beginning a new journey as the GM for Kosama, he is extremely excited for this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled for him.  He will maintain his good relationship with Complete Nutrition, they truly are a great supplement store and we are proud to continue working with them and encouraging people to use their awesome products.  I am pumped to continue working with them as a sponsored athlete!

Tomorrow morning we will be doing our first kick boxing class at Kosama, I am extremely excited to getting my butt kicked!  I can't wait to see how their classes work, doing group fitness with others and encouraging each other to do our best.

Now back to the main purpose of this post.  I have been lifting HEAVY for over two years now.  I know you've all seen the photos but in case any one new is checking out my blog here is what lifting heavy for just under two years can do to you.

Aren't we all just massive and bulky???  I am working my butt off to GAIN size, I will be thrilled this competition season to have more muscle size on me than I do in these two photos.  Now I know most people aren't working out for this purpose.  Most people are trying to simply be fit, maybe lose some weight and get toned up.

So please, please believe me when I say it is extremely DIFFICULT to get bulky.  You have got to be eating a LOT of food and lifting HEAVY weights.  Your muscles will not grow without properly lifting and proper nutrition.  Eating a lot of protein will not make your muscles get huge.  Protein helps to repair the muscles and yes it does help them to grow but again you would have to eat a LOT of protein every day in order for that to happen.  Now if you are working out but yet eating loads of crap then of course you will be bulky, what you eat is just as if not more important than what you do in the gym.

If you are working out at a place that tells you lifting heavy and eating protein will make you bulky, get the heck out of there!  First of all I guarantee you most of their trainers don't believe that themselves, secondly you deserve honesty and thirdly if you plateau and see no changes after your second or third go round you've got to change things up.

Do your research, talk to those you trust and having fun getting fit!

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