Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Push It, Push It Real Good!

The past few days have been a lot of fun.  On Saturday I got to play in the Iowa Games volleyball tournament with my brother Larry and some of his friends from Des Moines.  We had a blast!  The tournament was sadly poorly run, but we still enjoyed ourselves.  We played nine games, did well in pool play but not so well in the actual tournament.  Normally you play teams from the other pool but in this tournament we had to play the same teams from pool play due to their rule changes, so stupid.  There were a lot of good players and some seriously HARD hitters, my arms were crazy sore afterwards!

Sunday I played volleyball again, my arms hurt so badly but we played well.  Our Sunday six's team is just getting better and better!  Crazy to think that we will be playing sand volleyball in just over two months.

Yesterday we lifted shoulders and I was not feeling well.  I pushed through the workout but I felt weak.  I hate feeling that way for my favorite lifting day of the week :(

Today however was a different story.  I did not want to get up, I was so tired.  Kyle got me up though, we had just discussed last night that his full on "trainer" mode really needs to kick in.  Not that he hasn't been in that mode, but he is wanting to take more control over my cardio and the days I do it, checking on changes weekly like weight, body fat, all that fun stuff.

We lifted chest and back, it was the best chest and back workout I've ever had.  I was pushing 110 pounds on the leverage incline chest press, pulling 140 pounds on the leverage high row.  I felt AWESOME!  I lifted just over 23,000 pounds this morning :)

Kyle was really proud of me and impressed since I went up in weight on everything AND my calories have been cut.  The key to keeping that strength is keeping my carb level up, we lowered my protein intake a tad bit and increased the carbs.  With the small changes in nutrition and starting to get in consistent cardio I can see a difference, I am starting to lean out :)

My training for the Dam to Dam will also begin shortly.  Today I am going for a two mile run on my lunch hour.  It is a bit chilly, 26 degrees and feels like 16 degrees.  Maybe that will get me to run a faster two miles ;)

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