Thursday, March 22, 2012

4 Mile Run

My Tuesday four mile run wasn't the greatest, Larry and I started off way too fast and I had us go on a route that starts with a long hill and ends with a long hill. I really felt like crap and my hydration issues are out of control.

After the nine mile run Saturday I went to a cousin's house for a Patty's Day party and I consumed a lot of beer, so the run dehydrated me, I was in the sun all day and of course the beer further dehydrated me. I'm on double dose of my medication to help me retain fluids and I'm hoping I will see a difference tonight on my run. So sad that consuming over 100 oz of water and Gaterade daily just wasn't getting me rehydrated.

We ran the 4 miles in 37:04, it was very warm, sunny and windy. I can't believe how quickly the half marathon is coming up!

I'm also switching up my eating, I'm not losing any weight with all this running and frankly it was pissing me off. So I'm cutting down on the starches, me and pizza are meant to be, but sadly I have to cut that out I eat pizza far too much.

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