Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9 Mile Run

On Saturday I did my nine mile run. I found a hydration belt to try out and I LOVE it. The first few steps it felt weird of course but then I didn't notice it, it didn't bounce around and the bottles were easy to get in and out.

I didn't wake up as early as I wanted to so I didn't start my run until about 9:15, it was super sunny and already 75 degrees. We all know how I do not do well in heat or humidity so I was a bit concerned.

It honestly wasn't too bad, I ended up running a lot of it on our nature trail and it was encouraging to cross paths with other runners once I got out of town, the small waves and smiles helped a little bit :)

I ran it just under one hour and thirty minutes, so not too bad of a pace. But I learned a hard lesson, time for me to start lubing up the arms and legs on long runs! I sweated profusely and ended up chaffing the inside of both biceps and my thighs, it was pretty bad. But I will not let that happen again!

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