Friday, March 16, 2012

Run, Run, Run

So I was supposed to do a 4 mile run and my "little" brother Larry is joining me on my weekly runs now. I say "little" because he is younger than me in age but about 4 inches taller than me and I swear his stride is like a gazelle!

My Nike+ sensor had a low battery so I switched it with another one, we began our run and I knew we were going at a fast pace. I pushed the button on my iPod to check our pace and the sensor wasn't working!

Talk about me being mad, but at least I just did a 4 mile run on the same route Tuesday so I pretty much knew our halfway point. It sucked not having the gal come on and tell me our halfway point or the pace we were running.

We were running faster than I normally do and it was about 78 degrees and super sunny. I was dripping sweat like crazy and had severe goosebumps about halfway through, so sad I got dehydrated that quickly.

At the end of the run my brother took off to finish the run and I sped up but couldn't keep up with him. So jealous of that guy, he can jump into running like it's nothing and I've been training for like three months and he still beats me!

Anyway, we got done and I checked our time and about crapped myself. We did the run in just over 32 minutes, way, way faster than my normal pace! But I did it and really it felt great, so glad I have him to push me and make me a better runner :)

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