Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Mile Run

This run was rough, not gonna lie.

First of all I ate a bad lunch, I didn't think I was being too bad but man did I have acid reflux issues on my run. The first two miles were full of acid like burps and feeling like acid was just being shaken around in my tummy. Not fun.

It was warm out, much warmer than it has been, it was 68 degrees!!! I didn't look at the temps but I checked the wind and it was 25mph, so I wore pants and a long sleeved shirt, so not smart. I sweated my ass off.

So it wasn't my best run, but I ran the entire 5 miles even though I wanted to stop. My biggest issue right now is getting out of my own head on my runs, seriously, it is awful. I was proud of myself for doing it though and plan on eating better and being more positive on my next run!

5 miles, it took me 49:03, and like I said 25mph winds!

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