Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7 Mile Run

I did my 7 mile run on Saturday and it was great! Of course there was wind, it was 38 degrees, 18mph winds, so 28 degrees with the windchill.

I decided to try the gu stuff, I knew I needed something to help me on my longer runs because I was wearing down after 5 miles. My body just processes everything so fast, after about 40 minutes if I don't have something I just can't keep going.

So Kyle and I planned my halfway point would be at the house, he met me at the front door with a packet of gu and some gaterade. It made a huge difference, thankfully the gu wasn't too bad because I have an issue with eating and running, I just can't chew and run.

I ran 7 miles in 1:06:54, not too bad. I felt it was a turning point in my training, I survived my longest run of this training session and felt I could have kept going, woo hoo!!

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