Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 Mile Run and a Lecture

Well last night I did a five mile run with Larry and it was wonderful! The past few runs have sucked, I've really been struggling with the long runs. I did go to the chiro on Friday my hips were totally out of place and my back was pretty bad. I also got some electric stim therapy, so wonderful :)

It made a world of difference getting adjusted! I go back today and will go twice a week up until the race. I also made a call to my cardiologist, I was dreading it but I needed more meds to help me retain fluids. My cardiologist was not happy about me running a half marathon, refilled my meds, doubled up my dose and told me good luck but after this race no half marathon ever again. Keep it under 10 miles and my body and heart should be able to handle that without all the extra meds.

I asked him about me doing a fitness show, my next big goal in October, because I will be slowly decreasing my fluid intake two weeks before the show to get my body fat as low as possible. Oddly enough he said that will be ok, but if I have fainting spells at all to stop and not do the show. The difference between the half marathon and the show is obviously during the half marathon I will run for about two hours and after an hour of running my body pretty much uses up whatever it has and there is no way for me to replenish the nutrients. The gu does help, but I end up extremely dehydrated and it takes a few days to get rehydrated. With the fitness show we will slowly be depriving my body over a two week period, and I also won't be doing any hard cardio in those two weeks.

So all in all, I understand what he is saying, I'm glad I'm doing the half marathon no matter what and will be happy to get one ran in this life. I'm very excited about the fitness show and getting the "ok" to go ahead with it :)

Only two and a half weeks until the half marathon, I can't believe it!!!!!

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