Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Days

That's right, just FIVE days to go!!!!!

My weekend went awesome with great workouts, posing practice, t-walk change up and sand volleyball.

I had my last heavy lifts and they went really well, my last long run was on Friday and I ran just under 9 minute miles :)  I was so happy with that, knowing I won't have another long run in about a week and a half I really pushed myself.  Kyle was with me for my lifts this weekend, he really pushed me and I was proud of myself on the "explosion" push ups, pushed through and did about 30 total of those.

Saturday night we worked on my posing and t-walk.  This competition really sticks to the NANBF rules with just five poses, for the one in October you could do more than five and they weren't particular on where you did multiple poses.

It took us a little while but we got a new t-walk figured out and I LOVE it!!!!  I feel like it allows me to just have more sass easily added in, although my confidence is through the roof with how much I've improved since October.  I was so excited to show David on Sunday and he actually got teary eyed seeing my sass and confidence shine :)  Let's hope and pray my hard work has truly paid off and that this peak week goes as planned so I actually get to do my t-walk, I have to place in top 6 in at least one of my categories to be able to do it!

Sunday night was an awesome night of volleyball.  Chris and I have really clicked this year as a doubles team, we are 6-0, our best start ever, woo hoo!!!!!  Next weekend he will be out of town so Kyle is subbing for him, we'll see how Kyle and I do playing doubles together.  He coaches me in the gym, my turn to coach him for sand volleyball ;)  I teased him we gotta keep the awesome record going, no losses next weekend!

I really am so, so proud of myself and the progress I've made in such a short amount of time.  I am so much leaner than I was before, we have my peak week all planned out except for Friday.  It all depends on how I'm looking Friday but I'm pretty sure I will actually get to have some carbs, I bought a cookie dough Quest bar and a cookies and cream Quest bar to have on hand for that.  Good carbs with a good protein/fat ratio.

Carley and Zach get here TOMORROW!!!!!  I get to do my last three workouts with them, posing and t-walk practice with Carley, so much to look forward to.  I know these last five days will fly by and I'm trying to enjoy every moment, even the hungry ones ;)

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