Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post Competition

It has been two weeks since the competition, surprisingly I haven't had the post competition blues.  I expected them to hit me hard again and thankfully this time has been way different.

I'm sure it helps that I have had my half marathon to continue training for, which is already this Saturday!  I've been enjoying have my evenings open to get our house in order, hang out with Bella and just relax.

I have gotten in some lifting sessions, mostly circuit training and have of course been running.  Eating wise I've been off and on, some days I'm great, others not so much.  This weekend will be the time to really get back on track and get meal plans done for some "clean" bulking.  I have not stepped on the scale and I don't plan to anytime soon.  My jeans I wore when I was at my smallest still fit, so I'm good :)

The competition date in October got moved to the end of October, I have to admit I was tempted to say I would do it because they moved it.  But then I thought to myself, WHY?  I have already decided to work really hard on myself over the next 7-8 months focusing on building muscle and that will stay my goal.  I'm sure I will go watch the October competition though :)

I finally got my photos uploaded :)

Very happy with my posing, but you can see how much lighter I am than the other competitors.  Lesson learned!

Gotta build up that back and tighten up the booty some more.  Love the progress I made since last October though!

My abs were not there like they were in October, I think it did make a difference obviously not being able to train my abs the final three weeks.

My beautiful cousins/sisters Stacy and Angie drove from Cedar Rapids that morning to watch and support me :)

This little sweetie right here is my #1 supporter, she pushes me, encourages me and makes me want to continue to be a better version of myself.

Blessed to have some of my sisters and brothers there to support me as well.  I truly have the most supportive family in the world!

My amazing parents, they will never miss a competition and both times I saw them after competing I just had tears in my eyes.  So thankful to have them supporting me in everything I choose to do.  Now dad just has to be more "ok" with his daughter not placing as high as he thinks she should ;)

Kyle and Bella are my everything.  Kyle pushes me like no one can in the gym and he is beyond supportive.  Doing more when I have to do less in the final weeks of competition prep.  So fortunate that he understands the process, supports me throughout it and I love seeing how proud he is of me :)

My David, another person I could not do this without.  He is the best workout partner, stylist and best friend.  Throughout my craziness he understands, supports me always and encourages me when I need it the most.

Carley and Zach have made me even more excited about competing.  I cannot say enough how much fun it was to do this with Carley!!!!  Such a different experience having someone you love doing the same sport and stepping on that stage with you.  I really can't wait for next May when myself, Carley AND Zach all compete!!!

The finals were so much fun, long, but fun.  Again lucky to have such awesome people there to hangout back stage and help pass the time :)

I can't think of any other word of how I felt at this moment other than euphoric.  I was so flipping proud of myself, had some bumps during the final weeks of prep, still presented a better package and earned my spot :)

I did what I went to that competition to do, I presented a better ME, I was more confident and really enjoyed myself.  Still nervous on my t-walk but that will get better with time.

I can honestly say that competing in this sport is not all about winning a trophy.  I did win one, yes, and it was the most amazing feeling getting that 3rd place.  But there were two other categories that I didn't even get called out for.  Rather than feeling like I would burst into tears and being disappointed in myself, I was honestly still very happy and proud to have stood on that stage with such amazing women.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, supports me from near and far even if you don't quite understand this crazy sport that has become a part of my life.  Without my supporters this would be so much harder.  I love being a healthier me, a more confident me, in the end it makes me a better person all around.

Here's to the next year of intense training, making gains, getting stronger and continuing to really enjoy this life.  We don't have much time here, do what you love and live a happy, full life! 

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