Thursday, May 15, 2014

Judges Notes

I got the judges notes and they said pretty much what I expected, nice to know what I need to work on.

The tan was not dark enough, I knew it wouldn't be.  For sure I will do the spray tan they offer next May, it is more expensive but less time consuming, less stressful and I will know for sure that I will be dark enough :)

 CM Figure Novice Tall
Judge 1-  nice calves, more stain, leaner, shoulder caps needed PLACE-5
Judge 2-  too light, leaner, tighter, more muscle PLACE-3
Judge 3-  leaner, more color, nice leg size, back size & shoulders for symmetry PLACE-3
Judge 4-  nice delts, lean up lower body PLACE-3
Judge 5-  nice muscularity PLACE-4
Judge 6-  darker tan, leaner PLACE-2

Judge 7-  N/A PLACE-6
CM Figure Tall
Judge 1-  more stain, leaner PLACE-8
Judge 2-  leaner, darker color PLACE-8
Judge 3-  need shoulder size, darker, leaner, great potential PLACE-7
Judge 4-  lean up lower body PLACE-8
Judge 5-  get leaner PLACE-8
Judge 6-  good glutes & overall symmetry, leaner next show PLACE-8

Judge 7-  get leaner & darker, tighter glutes PLACE-8

I will really be working on building up my back and shoulders, my legs and glutes don't necessarily need a lot more size they just need to be leaner next time.  I plan on continuing my running throughout the summer and once the cold months hit I will transition to the step mill for steady state cardio.

I went for a four mile run this morning, I felt really good.  Although my tummy was a bit upset, eating what I want has given me some issues this time around.  I'm happy to be back to eating healthier, have lots of salad ideas for this summer and ways to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy dessert recipes.

This is a lifestyle, planning on sticking with the 90/10 rule from here on out.  Doing lots of research on IIFYM (if it fits your macros) to incorporate with the Fighter diet.  Too much restriction causes me to binge, it's true and I just can't have that again, too hard on my tummy!

So back to the run, I have to end this with something funny.  Well it wasn't funny to me, but my tummy was rumbling.  I felt fine until my final mile and then the dreaded feeling of having to poop hit me.  That is seriously the worst feeling when you are out for a run, my final mile was faster than the first three though ;)

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