Thursday, May 1, 2014

8 Days

It really is setting in that the competition is just EIGHT days away.

Carley and Zach will be here in just FIVE days.

Oh my goodness, the excitement building up in me is about to overflow!!!!  I feel so, so good, honestly I really do.  I feel like every day I wake up leaner.  I am most definitely to the point where we can adjust my nutrition daily to get the changes we want.  That silly vein in my right bicep is there, all the time :)

I did feel a cold coming on Tuesday, thank goodness for Emergen-C and Throat Coat tea.  It has helped immensely!  I will continue taking this stuff all the way through the competition if I have to.  I do not plan on getting really sick like I did last time afterwards!

Today I am lifting arms at work, we had changed it up to mostly cable machine exercises so thankfully it works out perfectly for me to do that on my lunch hour today, I just could not get up at 4:30 this morning.  I got my hair done last night and that always wears me out for some reason.  I LOVE it!  Very dark and will look beautiful with my suit :)

Not gonna lie, I am kind of dreading my long run tomorrow afternoon.  I feel good but my energy level is pretty low.  I am supposed to run 10 miles but thinking I will cut it back to 6-8, we will see how I feel.  At least I get to go a little higher in my carbs tomorrow, woo hoo!!!  Although it does worry me a little bit, just have to keep reminding myself that if I overflow we still have plenty of time to correct that.

What a difficult process to have full muscles, but not to the point of overflowing but yet not having them look flat at all.  

I am looking forward to having some good posing and t-walk sessions this weekend and really, really looking forward to posing with Carley next week and seeing her t-walk!!!!


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