Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 Mile Run

It has been over a month since my last run.  I would tell myself to go for a run and instead I would jump rope or go to the gym for cardio on the step mill.  I am so hot and cold when it comes to running, unless I have a race in the near future.  I had picked out a fun race to do in November but then realized it was the same weekend as The Nutcracker, so I scratched that.

The weather has been so amazing, today I told myself that I just HAD to get out and run two miles.  I didn't have high expectations, my goal was to run under 10 minute miles.

I did it!  I ran 9:42 minute miles and I felt awesome.  Luckily running comes fairly easy to me, I may not be the fastest but I can run without walking even after somewhat of a break from running.

Running makes me feel strong and healthy.  Glad I got it in today and plan on running 2.5 tomorrow, getting back in running shape just in time for winter ;)

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