Thursday, October 2, 2014

Love Yourself, Little Ears Hear EVERYTHING

This spoke volumes to me.  I know many women who are unhappy with their bodies, who talk about their flaws, who sadly do not see the completely obvious beauty within themselves.

To those women please know how amazing and beautiful you are!  Rather than speaking ill of yourself speak proudly about yourself.  This is so incredibly important for all the moms out there.  It truly does not matter what size you are, what your nose looks like, any little thing you see as a flaw is not a flaw, it is YOU.  Our children hear us and listen to every word we say, our reflection of ourselves becomes their reflection of themselves.  

You may think you have so much to work on with yourself but then you probably have a child who looks at you and thinks you are the most amazing, perfect person on the planet!  We are their heroes, their role models, their mothers, their best friends and they adore us more than we can know, just as we adore them.

I am not perfect, I know this.  I have my own flaws and yes there was a time in my life where I let them consume me and found myself trying to find perfection.  Let me tell you there is no such thing as perfection and it is not something anyone should expect.

When I had Bella my thoughts about myself changed.  As she grows up I see so much of myself in her and I can say that she is a much more confident version of me, even at the tender age of 7 3/4 (8 in just 11 days!) I see it.  I did not have her incredible courage or confidence.  I hope and pray that we continue to raise her to be this confidant young lady and that she always knows that no matter what she is truly an amazing, beautiful, strong girl.

I've learned more about myself over the past 20 months on my journey with competing than I ever thought I could.  I do not see my flaws, I see my strength, I see my confidence higher than ever, I know MYSELF.  What has that done for my relationship with Bella?

Well to hear her say things like my mommy is strong, my mommy is beautiful, my mommy is happy.  That is what she sees in me and I hope and pray that is also what she will always see in herself.  We have a very strong connection, she cheers me on for competitions, races and volleyball just as I cheer her on for dance, swimming, soccer, running, school concerts and more.  We are each others biggest supporters and that will never change.

I am a beautiful woman and I am blessed with a sweet, beautiful daughter.  Being a mother is the most precious gift, let us raise confident children who grow into confident, kind adults.

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